Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Pastel from the main square in Aix en Provence

A small pastel painted in the centre of Aix en Provence in late October
Posted: Wednesday 3rd December 2014

Online Products Now Available

  • Paintbox 3 - How to paint snow scenes in oil

    Four videos and three demonstrations by Noel Garner painted on location in different lighting conditions, and finished in the studio, take you step by step through painting snow scenes with oil paint. £24 in the UK inc VAT($32 approx. without local tax)

  • Book of Noel's 50 favourite small outdoor paintings from 2011

    This book contains a selection of 50 of Noel's favourite small outdoor paintings from 2011. The volume is in full colour, 7x7in. (18x18cm), 52 pages with 52 paintings. Available in softback, dustcover, or printed cover versions. A mix of oil and watercolour mediums. Please see further details for sample pages and how to order.

  • Paintbox 2 - How to paint people, birds and animals in watercolour

    In this one hour video Noel Garner from Cambridge Art Academy introduces you to the basics of painting people, birds and animals. Focusing on watercolour - but including sketching and watercolour pencils - this content-packed video explains the essentials with lots of practical demonstrations.

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