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Snow in northern greece in pastels
A plein air sketch with soft pastels in the mountains of northern greece
Posted: Saturday 11th November 2017, 15:57:13

Dundas Aquaduct, Bradford on Avon, England, pencil sketch
A pencil sketch of Dundas Aquaduct done on location at Bradford on Avon, Englan
Posted: Thursday 11th February 2016, 17:00:01

Sunset and moonrise in Northumberland - in pastels
A medium sized painting in pastels executed on location and finished in the studio. On the coast of Northumberland it is both sunset and moonrise
Posted: Sunday 20th December 2015, 12:35:15

Autumn colours in Lode Fen, Cambridge
A small plein aire painting in oils done in November in Lode Fen, Cambridge
Posted: Friday 18th December 2015, 11:48:37

Bridge at Sospel in the the French Riviera sketched in pastels
A small pastels sketched with carre pastels at Sospel, late afternoon
Posted: Tuesday 3rd November 2015, 15:15:19

Pencil sketch of the casino at Monte Carlo
A small sketch in pencil outside the casino at Monte Carlo, France
Posted: Monday 2nd November 2015, 16:31:53

The View from Eze, French Riviera sketched in pastel
Eze is a medieval village perched atop a crag in the Riviera. This small pastel was executed on the spot
Posted: Saturday 31st October 2015, 8:55:35

In the Medina in Fes, in watercolour
This is a small watercolour executed in the Fes Medina in Morocco
Posted: Friday 8th May 2015, 15:42:47

Gate at Norwich cathedral painted in oil pastels
A samll plein air sketch in oil pastels at a gateway to the grounds of Norwich Cathedral. Late January afternoon
Posted: Sunday 15th February 2015, 16:27:27

Pond in summer, pastels
A practice pastels sketch of a pond from a photographic reference
Posted: Sunday 8th February 2015, 16:58:50

Pastel sketch from the apartment balcony in Marseille
A first sketch in pastels on the day of arrival at our apartment in Marseills
Posted: Thursday 1st January 2015, 14:09:26

Pastel from the main square in Aix en Provence
A small pastel painted in the centre of Aix en Provence in late October
Posted: Wednesday 3rd December 2014, 18:02:22

Place de Lenche, Marseille in pastels
A pastels sketch in place de lenche Marseille
Posted: Sunday 30th November 2014, 14:27:42

Meeting Lucy Bellwood, cartoonist
A chance meeting with cartoonist and illustrator Lucy Bellwood en route for the UK
Posted: Tuesday 25th November 2014, 15:30:21

Vallon des Auffes, Marseilles in pastels
This is a small sketch in carre pastels and brush ink-pen of a small fishing village, Vallon des Auffes, on the outskirts of Marseilles. More in the same vein will follow in the next few days
Posted: Tuesday 25th November 2014, 3:31:46

Copy of Cotman painting using Sketchbook Pro
I used digital painting programme Sketchbook Pro to do a study of a Cotman oil painting in Norwich castle
Posted: Tuesday 4th November 2014, 16:27:45

Copying paintings with Sketchbook Pro
This is a work done using Sketchbook pro to study a painting from the Norwich School of Artists
Posted: Sunday 2nd November 2014, 2:01:17

Norwich market in pastels with St Peter Mancroft and Mr Whippy
A plein sir pastel sketch in Norwich market, featuring an ice cream parlour and Sir Peter Mancroft church in the background
Posted: Thursday 25th September 2014, 5:58:49

Aldeburgh beach in pastels
An late afternoon pastels painting on Aldeburgh beadh, Suffolk, UK. Painted plein air
Posted: Saturday 6th September 2014, 8:47:06

Pastel and ink sketch in the city centre of Bordeaux, France
A small sketch in ink and pastels completed plein air in the centre of Bordeaux
Posted: Wednesday 20th August 2014, 16:24:02

Tour de France - pastel sketch while waiting for the Peleton in Cambridge
There was a long wait on Regent Street, Cambridge waiting for the peleton to pass by, so I did this small pastel sketch of the crowd
Posted: Thursday 14th August 2014, 16:35:28

Tour de France starts from Cambridge
A small pastel sketch in the centre of Cambridge when the Tour de France 2014 started one of the stages here
Posted: Tuesday 12th August 2014, 17:42:55

TT motorcycle racers going up May Hill - pencil sketch
Facing the opposite direction from yesterday's post, this pencil sketch shows the TT motorcycle racers going up May Hill from the direction of Parliament Square in Ramsey
Posted: Sunday 8th June 2014, 2:41:54

Pencil sketch at the TT motorcycle races on the Isle of Man
A small pencil sketch on location at the TT motorcycle races on the Isle of Man 2014
Posted: Saturday 7th June 2014, 3:50:50

Coming out of Parliament Square, TT races 2014 - ink sketch
This is the first of three sketches at the TT motorcycle races on the Isle of Man in 2014. This one in pen and crayon
Posted: Friday 6th June 2014, 17:04:33

And the band plays on - a sketch in the beer tent at East Mersea
I sketched this in ink and brush pen while the band was playing
Posted: Saturday 31st May 2014, 10:52:33

Thaxted windmill painted with pastels
Thaxted has a working tower windmill, and I painted this in pastels late in the afternoon as the miller was closing up
Posted: Friday 30th May 2014, 18:14:16

Ink sketch of Fishing boat at West Mersea
This is a small plein air sketch of a small fishing boat at West Mersea in Essex
Posted: Monday 26th May 2014, 2:58:05

Fishing boats at West Mersea in pen and neopastels
Continuing my series of sketches at West Mersea in the marshes of south east Enlgland, this sketch of fishing boats is in pen and neopastels
Posted: Sunday 25th May 2014, 10:45:18

Sketch of boat sheds at Tollesbury, Essex
Another sketch at marshes at Tollesbury - this time the boat sheds
Posted: Wednesday 7th May 2014, 15:58:52


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