Friday, February 23, 2018

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Ian Hamilton Finlay at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge
On now til 1 March 2015
Added: Friday 2nd January 2015, 3:51:51

Exhibition of pastel paintings by Noel Garner - February 2014
Noel Garner of Cambridge Art Academy is exhibiting 25 of his recent plein air pastels in Ely, UK in February 2014
Added: Thursday 23rd January 2014, 8:03:13

Noel Garner and Roos Schuring on Dutch TV weather news
Somehow Roos and me painting on a beach found its way onto a Dutch TV weather news bulletin
Added: Saturday 12th May 2012, 5:53:39

Videos on how to paint snow scenes in oil now available.
A four video set of tutorials covering the subject of how to paint snow scenes in oil is now available in the online store.
Added: Friday 30th March 2012, 5:32:23

Plein air painting day meeting with artists in Cambridge - February 2012
A short video of a plein air society meeting held in Cambridge UK on the 27th February 2012 with several other artists from around the country.
Added: Monday 27th February 2012, 12:24:44

The world's best secret art galleries
Want to know where some of the world's best secret art galleries are? Have a look at these, taken from an article in "The Independent".
Added: Monday 7th November 2011, 6:57:33

New video on painting still life in oil from Cambridge Art Academy
Just released is the latest in the Paintbox 3 series about learning to paint in oils, entitled "How to paint a convincing still-life in oil" Available now at the introductory price of £4.95 (approx $8) in the Products section
Added: Sunday 11th September 2011, 17:55:51

Art News Calendar
This is my selection of art news focussed mainly on the UK, and I'll concentrate on what's going on in the Cambridge and East Anglian area. It will take a little while to build up, so please come back to this page from time to time
Added: Monday 4th April 2011, 4:16:26

Paintbox 3 The Complete Introductory course for painting in oils: 5 videos now available
Earlier in 2011 we announced the future release of "Paintbox 3 The Complete Introductory course for painting in oils." At the close of 2011 we are pleased to confirm the availability of five videos covering a range of important topics
Added: Monday 21st February 2011, 9:17:39


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