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Punts on the river Cam in Cambridge sketched in gouache and pen
Why not learn to paint in gouache rather than transparent watercolour? If you paint in oil as well, you will find gouache easy since it is basically an opaque medium. Dries quickly and you can draw or pastel over it. This is of punts on the river in Cambridge.
Added: Monday 5th March 2012, 5:21:23

Oil study of Clare College Gates from the Backs in Cambridge
A small oil study of Clare College gates in Cambridge painted quickly in about an hour.
Added: Monday 27th February 2012, 12:39:29

Wet-in-wet watercolour sunset of Putney Embankment in London
This view from Putney Bridge in London is a watercolour that makes much use of the wet-in-wet technique. The painting was started in location as the sun was setting over the Thames, and completed much later in the studio. It's a commission which will be framed and presented to the client in time for Christmas.
Added: Sunday 4th December 2011, 10:48:09

Painting central London in watercolour from Waterloo Bridge
This is a large watercolour painting looking towards Blackfriars bridge in central London viewed from Waterloo Bridge
Added: Friday 2nd December 2011, 17:58:24

Watercolour Christmas card of Darwin College Cambridge in the snow
This watercolour of Darwin College Cambridge is a fiction really. There's no snow at the moment and I adapted this from a photograph I took in the middle of summer
Added: Wednesday 23rd November 2011, 11:47:12

Gouache and watercolour painting on the Costa Brava - Spain
As thoughts turn to the winter season, it's nice to remember sunnier times, and this gouache sketch done on the Costa Brava in Spain reminds me of warm beaches and long walks along the coast
Added: Tuesday 1st November 2011, 18:49:15

Drainage ditch in the Fens Cambridgeshre painted in watercolour
A scene painted in watercolour painted in the fens of Cambridgeshire near the village of Cottenham
Added: Sunday 30th October 2011, 3:09:24

Watercolour painted at the table waiting for lunch - Pont d'Ouilly Normandy France
A small watercolour painted at a table outside a french bistro at lunchtime. This was in Swiss Normandy as its called, and the very typical village street scene with road signs all contributed to making an enjoyable painting experience.
Added: Tuesday 27th September 2011, 5:44:41

My old watercolor paint box
It's time to bin my old watercolor paint box. It's nearly 30 years old and is falling apart. Being made of "japanned" metal, it was expensive, but wow, it has lasted. An excellent investment.
Added: Thursday 25th August 2011, 15:45:06

A nice surprise - selling a watercolour of a cricket match in Nassington
I sold this small watercolour of a cricket match in the village of Nassington just yesterday, although I painted it in 2007. The purchaser discovered it on my old website and e-mailed me about it.
Added: Wednesday 24th August 2011, 11:29:27

Zennor village, Cornwall, UK painted in watercolor and gouache
One of a number of small sketches I did recently when staying on the North coast of Cornwall. This one is 6" x 8"; initially in pure watercolor and then overlaid with gouache.
Added: Wednesday 20th July 2011, 12:27:08

Watercolour sketch of Eggborough power station cooling towers
On my way to the North of England last weekend, stopped for a break at Eggborough and did a watercolour sketch of the power station coolings towers
Added: Tuesday 26th April 2011, 17:03:56

Upper Langridge church, Bath, in watercolour and gouache
I started painting this over ten years ago, and finished it recently. It's a watercolour sketch of a very old church building in the tiny village of Upper Langridge near Bath, in the UK
Added: Thursday 10th March 2011, 1:31:23

Willingham windmill painted in watercolours and gouache
In this watercolour sketch of a windmill my aim was to paint as quickly as possible because my hands were going numb it was so cold. So it was important to capture the essence of the scene knowing I could finish it off back in my warm home studio
Added: Thursday 3rd March 2011, 6:02:14


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