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The Leper Church in Cambridge sketched in pen and crayon
The Leper Church is one of the lesser-known architectural gems of Cambridge. I sketched this just before going in to see a production of Shakespeare's Macbeth
Added: Monday 11th July 2011, 10:32:52

Parker's Piece oil sketch Cambridge
Oil sketch done on Parker's Piece in the centre of Cambridge. Parker's Piece is on of the largest public open spaces in Cambridge and this quiet corner of Regent's Terrace offered an intimate view of a small terrace of houses and guest houses that are hardly visible behind the summer foliage
Added: Thursday 9th June 2011, 11:41:17

Sunset from Castle Mound Cambridge, a pochade sketch in oil
As the daylight faded I walked to the top of Castle Mound in Cambridge to paint the view in oil using my pochade box, only stopping when the light had gone, at 10pm
Added: Saturday 4th June 2011, 2:21:49

View from a room - charcoal and oil pastels
This was the view from a room in our house and as the light faded I outlined the shapes with charcoal pencil and then went into my studio to apply the oil pastels from memory. 12" x 12" board.
Added: Saturday 28th May 2011, 3:35:28

Industrial building in Cambridge painted in oils on location
This industrial building in the centre of Cambridge used to be a flour mill I believe. I painted this in oils on location in about an hour yesterday afternoon
Added: Wednesday 25th May 2011, 2:17:12

Bristol Docks in watercolor
This watercolor painting of Bristol Docks must be one of the earliest I ever did - around 1983 I guess
Added: Sunday 22nd May 2011, 16:24:54

Testing out oil pastels - a demonstration on location
I've been testing out several makes of oil pastels. This demonstration uses three makes of oil pastel and compares their benefits
Added: Friday 20th May 2011, 7:41:45

Griffin Alkyd fast drying oil paints demonstration and test
This demonstration of "Griffin" alkyd fast drying continues my test series on unusual oil based paints
Added: Friday 20th May 2011, 7:32:59

Water mixable oil paints demonstration
I've been comparing water mixable oil paints with standard oils, and this is the 12"x12" painting I did for the demonstration
Added: Friday 20th May 2011, 7:22:13

Plein air oil painting at Norwich Arts Festival with pochade box and balloons
This oil painting was done with one of the square 12"x12" plywood boards I told you in a previous blog that I got very cheap a few days ago. I have so many of these now, I am getting used to thinking up compositions that work OK in a square format. It's all about the balloons!
Added: Sunday 8th May 2011, 15:59:52

Oil painting of street party at Marshfield celebrating the royal wedding
Had a great day at the street party in Marshfield. While everyone else was eating, drinking and partying I, poor artist, was painting. It was a great occasion, and I enjoyed doing an oil painting amongst a large crowd of happy people celebrating the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton
Added: Friday 29th April 2011, 17:09:59

Pen sketch in Kings Street Norwich on the eve of my daughter's wedding
I have a simple formula for quick sketching. A small Moleskine notebook so the sketch is always going to be small. In this case 3"x5". A rollerball type pen, and a water soluble monochrome crayon for shading. I did this in around ten minutes.
Added: Tuesday 12th April 2011, 2:41:44

Sketch at Premier Inn Norwich on the banks of the River Wensum
This was a ten minute sketch using pen and crayon at the Premier Inn by the River Wensum which flows gently through the centre of historic Norwich at this point. I just had my Moleskine drawing pad with me over the weekend of my daughter's wedding. Dimension 3"x5"
Added: Monday 11th April 2011, 9:27:36

The Entrance to Turquoise Mountain, Kabul, Afghanistan
This oil painting of the Turquoise Mountain centre is one of a number of paintings of Kabul which will form my exhibition opening next week in Ely. I don't paint in square format all that often, but the subject here, with strong geometric lines, suited a square canvas well. 16"x16" (40x40cm)
Added: Saturday 2nd April 2011, 16:20:17

The Boat Race starts from Putney Bridge, where I painted from last Monday
I was painting from Putney Bridge only on Monday (see yesterday's blog), and there it was live on the TV this afternoon. The wrong boat won though.....
Added: Saturday 26th March 2011, 14:41:21

Pencil sketch in Cambridge Science Park
Even in places you know very well, there are always new ways of seeing the same thing. This is a sketch done in a pretty average commercial science park but I still found it interesting to try and capture the late afternoon grey light effect.
Added: Friday 18th March 2011, 6:59:00

Monochrome sketch at an organ recital in King's College Chapel, Cambridge
This is a small sketch using permanent ink pen and water-soluble pencil which I did inside King's College Cambridge during a music recital in which the organ was being put through its paces. It was only natural that I should sketch the organ. The blog includes a sound sample from the gig
Added: Monday 28th February 2011, 18:20:14


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