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Dusk at Quy Water near Cambridge - a study in oil
This is a small oil study painted on 10" x 12" board, at dusk at Quy Water near Cambridge. A couple of kayakers were paddling into the distance as I started so I put them in as I finished.
Added: Wednesday 6th July 2011, 10:24:45

Sketch portraits at Chesterton Festival, Cambridge
Last Saturday I had a Charity stand at the Chesterton Festival, offering to do free sketch portraits for anyone who wanted one. This video records the fun
Added: Friday 1st July 2011, 2:19:52

Meadow flowers blown by the wind painted in oil
This oil painting of meadow flowers blown by the wind is now complete. I started it three weeks ago and will shortly be part of a video to be found under the "Getting out there" tab.
Added: Saturday 25th June 2011, 3:45:27

Portrait in charcoal of Judy watching Wimbledon
I've got to do at least one sketch from life per day before Saturday. Need to do more if I can. This is Judy watching the tennis at Wimbledon
Added: Tuesday 21st June 2011, 14:22:39

Portrait in oil
This portrait in oil is the start of preparing for next Saturday when I will be sketching people all afternoon in aid of the charity called "Help into Action" at the Chesterton Festival on Pye's Rec in Cambridge
Added: Monday 20th June 2011, 6:51:04

Industrial building in Cambridge painted in oils on location
This industrial building in the centre of Cambridge used to be a flour mill I believe. I painted this in oils on location in about an hour yesterday afternoon
Added: Wednesday 25th May 2011, 2:17:12

Plein air oil painting at Norwich Arts Festival with pochade box and balloons
This oil painting was done with one of the square 12"x12" plywood boards I told you in a previous blog that I got very cheap a few days ago. I have so many of these now, I am getting used to thinking up compositions that work OK in a square format. It's all about the balloons!
Added: Sunday 8th May 2011, 15:59:52

Oil painting of street party at Marshfield celebrating the royal wedding
Had a great day at the street party in Marshfield. While everyone else was eating, drinking and partying I, poor artist, was painting. It was a great occasion, and I enjoyed doing an oil painting amongst a large crowd of happy people celebrating the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton
Added: Friday 29th April 2011, 17:09:59

Oil painting of a quiet valley near Bath
This is a work in progress, and represents about an hour and a half on location. I call this a quiet valley because I have never seen anyone there. It's a wonderful painting location and right now is full of spring flowers. At the moment oil painting is all I want to do, so I will run with it
Added: Thursday 28th April 2011, 18:09:11

Watercolor sketching in Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire
Whilst waiting for my son to arrive from his coast to coast cycle ride, I found a sheltered spot on some steps in the centre of this charming fishing village and did some watercolor sketching to pass the time
Added: Wednesday 27th April 2011, 11:28:44

Pen sketch at Norwich Cathedral
On my daughter's wedding day I got just the one chance to sketch - so I grasped it with both hands. Well, Moleskine sketchbook in one hand and pen in the other. They posed in the gateway to Norwich Cathedral. Strong sun and shadows. 3"x5" pen and crayon
Added: Tuesday 12th April 2011, 8:20:51

Pen sketch in Kings Street Norwich on the eve of my daughter's wedding
I have a simple formula for quick sketching. A small Moleskine notebook so the sketch is always going to be small. In this case 3"x5". A rollerball type pen, and a water soluble monochrome crayon for shading. I did this in around ten minutes.
Added: Tuesday 12th April 2011, 2:41:44

Oil painting of abandoned houses in the hills above Istaliff, Afghanistan
For me this is an unforgettable view in the hills above the war ravaged village of Istaliff. There was no time to paint; we had miles to walk, but it was an opportunity to deliberately exercise my visual memory. I took a photo for details, but really what counts is the memories I carried with me of the view. I started this oil painting much later back in the studio. It's 16"x16"
Added: Thursday 7th April 2011, 10:28:26

Charcoal sketch Fairhaven Singers practice in St John's College Chapel - 4
This is a recent charcoal sketch on newsprint paper done at a practice session of the Fairhaven Singers in St. John's College Chapel, Cambridge. This took about ten minutes to do. Dame Emma Kirkby was the featured soloist
Added: Tuesday 29th March 2011, 4:48:30

Cartoon sketch - meeting got a bit boring
I did this sketch on the touch screen of my Tablet PC whilst I was taking notes with the stylus.
Added: Monday 14th March 2011, 18:13:50

Sketching in the car
This was a sketch I did from the back of the car when we were travelling down to Bath last weekend. It's about 5"x8" and done in water-soluble crayon and fine permanent marker.
Added: Tuesday 8th March 2011, 10:57:57

Fairhaven Singers practice Queens' College Chapel, Cambridge - 2
The second pastel and chalk drawing I did at the practice of the Fairhaven Singers last week, including a sample of their sound at the practice
Added: Saturday 26th February 2011, 6:37:56


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