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Green Park Railway Station, Bath, UK, in pastels
On a cold and rainy day it was good to be under cover and I painted this bustling market scene in pastels in the old Green Park Station in Bath
Added: Saturday 30th March 2013, 6:37:39

Waiting for business - fruit stall in Kingsmead Square, Bath, in pastels
Painted plein air on location in the centre of Bath, this is done in soft pastels quite early in the day
Added: Tuesday 19th March 2013, 5:32:16

View over Bath in watercolour and charcoal
A watercolour overlooking Bath in England painted entirely on location in 1985
Added: Sunday 17th March 2013, 8:41:17

Sketch in oils under Carrow Road Bridge, Norwich, UK
In bitingly cold weather I stood by the R. Wensum in Norwich under the Carrow Road bridge to sketch in oils
Added: Monday 11th February 2013, 14:06:11

Painting snow on trees using pastels
This is a fast (it was cold!) plein air pastel sketch done in the centre of Cambridge UK to show the snow hanging on the branches of a tree
Added: Friday 25th January 2013, 1:51:00

Mop Fair Tewkesbury sketched in pastels
Fast pastels sketch in vibrant colours on the first night of the annual "mop Fair" in Tewkesbury
Added: Monday 26th November 2012, 17:04:49

Church Street Tewkesbury in pastels - calm before the Mops Fair begins
The traffic cones were out in preparation for the beginning of the "Mops" Fair in Tewkesbury - this is held once a year and I was there to paint it - in pastels!
Added: Sunday 25th November 2012, 16:41:39

Abbey Mill Tewkesbury, a sketch in oils
A famous view in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK with Abbey Mill in the foreground and the Abbey in the background. A small oil sketch on board
Added: Friday 16th November 2012, 15:11:12

Gallipoli, Puglia, Italy, evening in pastels
I arrived in Gallipoli, on the West coast of Puglia, Italy, late in the afternoon and painted this in pastels with the full glare of the evening sun on the promenade. An unforgettable sight.
Added: Friday 2nd November 2012, 17:06:11

Piazza Mazzini, Lecce, Italy, painted in pastels
This is the last of my Piazza paintings in pastels from Italy in 2012. This one in the heart of the beautiful Lecce
Added: Friday 2nd November 2012, 1:47:13

Piazza Umberto I, Uggiano, Puglia, Italy, painted in pastels
Uggiano is another small Puglian town with typical Italian style and colour. This was painted in pastels over siesta time while everything was rather quiet
Added: Wednesday 31st October 2012, 18:54:43

Piazza del Populo, Copertino, Puglia, Italy painted in pastels
A typical Puglian town, not visited by tourists so it seems. But this piazzo made a wonderful architectural subject for a study in pastels
Added: Monday 29th October 2012, 18:15:06

Piazza del Duomo, Lecce, Italy, painted in pastels
A small simple painting in soft pastels done plein air while sitting on the steps of the Duomo and eating ice cream
Added: Friday 26th October 2012, 10:23:41

Ferrari in pastel in Lecce, Puglia, Italy
A pastel painting from a cafe table in Lecce, Puglia, Italy. Had to include the Ferrari
Added: Tuesday 23rd October 2012, 5:10:51

Pastel painting of Porto S Biaggio, Lecce, Italy
Porto S, Biaggio is one of the gates to the historic centre of Lecce, Puglia, Italy. I painted this pastel watching the morning sun glow and warm the beautiful stones of the gate.
Added: Saturday 20th October 2012, 10:46:24

Quiet piazza in Lecce - photos
A follow on from yesterday's post
Added: Friday 19th October 2012, 4:30:39

A quiet piazza in Lecce, Puglia, Italy, painted wih pastels
A small plein air painting in pastels of a quiet piazza in Lecce, Puglia, Italy.
Added: Thursday 18th October 2012, 17:18:18

Pastel of via Guiseppe Libertini, Lecce, Puglia, Italy
First post of a series from a painting expedition in southern Italy two weeks ago. This is a street scene in Lecce, painted plein air in pastels
Added: Tuesday 16th October 2012, 16:39:40

Lower Frog Street, IronMan Race, plein air in pastels, Tenby Wales
A painting in pastels, plein air,during the closing section of the 2012 IronMan race in Tenby, Wales - the marathon run.
Added: Sunday 23rd September 2012, 8:34:02

Pastels sketch of Cley High Street, Norfolk
Cley next the Sea is best known for its windmill, which is about 100 metres to my left. But I chose to paint the High Street in pastels instead.
Added: Sunday 9th September 2012, 17:52:41


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