Friday, February 23, 2018

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Pastel and ink sketch in the city centre of Bordeaux, France

Posted On: Wednesday 20th August 2014
Summary: A small sketch in ink and pastels completed plein air in the centre of Bordeaux

Blog Tags: Sketching   Plein air   Pastels painting   Townscapes   People   Buildings   Painting in France   People in paintings   Street scene   

pastels in bordeauxFrom the Tour de France to France itself. This is in the centre of Bordeaux a few weeks later. I sat on a step next to a shop to sketch the local Arch de Triomphe in fine pen, brushpen and hard pastels. The streets were filled with expensive clothes shops, and the locals looke pretty fashionably dressed themselves, parading along the pedestrianised streets. As I walked back I found myself humming  the tune of a Franciose Hardy song popular in my teens (weren't we all in love with Francoise Hardy back then?) In fact the first single I ever bought:

Tous les garçons et les filles de mon âge
se promènent dans la rue deux par deux

Except that I thought the lyrics said "se promenent dans la rue de Bordeaux"!

I think think my version is better!!


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