Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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River Stour in Constable country - painted in oil pastels

Posted On: Sunday 22nd December 2013
Summary: This oil pastel was painted in oil pastels by the River Stour in the village of Nayland - all very much the area where John Constable used to paint the Suffolk landscape

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oil pastel painting on river stourI was given a brand new set of oil pastelss (Sennelier) for my birthday, so I just had to go and try them out yesterday. I already have a large set of oil pastels, but there's nothing quite like the luxury of  brand new clean pastels.

Unfortunately the weather was dreadful, but I managed to paint the view in the Stour valley from the passenger seat of my car. Once back in the studio I able to fix it, and develop it some to my satisfaction. Note the scraping out with a knife - a technique to which oil pastels is well suited.



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