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Rome - inside the Colliseum, pastels

Posted On: Sunday 26th May 2013
Summary: Brilliant sunshine, massive crowds and an amazing structure, the Colliseum in Rome made for a challenging sketch in pastels

Blog Tags: Landscape painting   Plein air   Pastels painting   Townscapes   Buildings   Composition   Painting in Italy   

inside the colliseum in rome in pastelsThe only thing that prepares you for the view inside the Colliseum is entering into the massively contructed entrance porticos. This - even by toady's standards -  is construction on a massive scale. It is a gigantic statement of power. The other building in Rome from Roman times that to my mind captures that same sense of power is the Pantheon - of which more later.

From the darkness of the porticos you emerge into this vista of light and sweeping curves and wide expanse. It had to be drawn but, again, the perspective was a big challenge and one that I relished. This was done on an A4 size piece of pastel paper. It would look fantastic on the biggest pieced of pastel paper I can lay my hands on. Maybe something for another time.


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