Friday, February 23, 2018

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Cows in the meadow at Canons Ashby painted with pastels

Posted On: Tuesday 18th September 2012
Summary: Painted early in the morning at Canons Ashby, using soft pastels, the cows each day would begin grazing on the higher pasture by the house, and slowly work their way down to the lakes during the day.

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canons ashby pastel with cowsThis pastels was painted the morning following the last blog entry showing the gates of Canons Ashby with the manor house in the background. Painted almost from the same position - inside the walled garden looking back out across the meadow. Not sunny this time either. The cows really are the subject of the painting, and they were constantly on the move, slowly walking away from me as they grazed. So it was a matter of sketching them in fairly random positions, and freely re-locating them to suit the composition.

This one is on Canson pastel paper which is a lot less agressive than the the Colorfix sandpaper I used on the previous post and I think you can easily see the difference.


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