Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Charlestown, Cornwall, painting in pastel

Posted On: Sunday 2nd September 2012
Summary: Charleston, Cornwall is an old harbour from which China clay was exported all over the world. This pastel was painted from a high viewpoint looking over the old sailing ships

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charlestown cornwall painting in pastelsA sunny evening at Charlestown in Cornwall, and this high elevation overlooking the old harbour afforded a great composition to paint in pastels. I painted this in soft pastels using rough colorfix paper. The paper was a mid grey, and I left a lot of it untouched for the water in the foreground. The shadows of masts and spars falling on the water and the quay-side was a particular challenge and pleasure to paint, and formed an important element in the scene.

Size is 13"x19"

If ever there was a case for painting on location, this is it. I took a photograph, but it didn't capture the sense of place at all. The bulk of the work just had to be completed at the time, looking at the scene.


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