Friday, February 23, 2018

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Bargain pastels from Sennelier

Posted On: Tuesday 28th August 2012
Summary: I have just bought up an art shop's remainder stock of Sennelier soft pastels for a bargain price

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Sennelier pastelsAn art shop I use has decided to give up stocking Sennelier pastels, so I have just done a deal with them and bought  all the remaining 160 pastels at 35p each. That's about 15% of the normal retail price.

There are lots of repeats or nearly similar colours, and almost no greys, but I can live with that at this price. Sennelier is an excellent brand but the pastels are very soft and crumble in your hand very easily. I think this is why they are not all that popular. It's always worth asking in the shop if you think there might be a deal to be done.

They are going to keep me going for a while!


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