Friday, February 23, 2018

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Pastel sketch at Pondersbridge with strange evening sky

Posted On: Friday 10th August 2012
Summary: A summer evening sky in the Fens of East Anglia is something to relish, and here I wanted to portray in pastels the softness and quietness of this evening sky

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evening sky in pastelI have to break off from my Niger Delta series just this once for this pastel sketch I did yesterday evening  in the fens near Pondersbridge East of Peterborough. Almost still - the wind turbines slowly winding down to motionlessness - a cyclist whooshes by, no doubt inspired by Sir Chris et al - a slightly opaque pink settling just above the horizon - and of course this magnificent wispy sky. Oh, if only I had had hours to paint this sky. In East Anglia WE HAVE SKIES!

So I did this from the back of my car, using mostly soft pastels, fixed and then overlain with sharp carre pastels for the turbines. Back in the studio I brushed in the wires with a thin stick of charcoal held in the tips of my fingers.

8"x11" on smooth pastel paper


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