Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Buckingham Palace from the garden sketched in pencil and crayon

Posted On: Thursday 24th May 2012
Summary: This is the first of two sketches I did from the the garden of Buckingham Palace at the garden party last Tuesday

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palce garden sketchIn the event, my sketching drew no attention from officialdom, and I was discrete anyway. Had I got out the Moleskine when we were close to Her Majesty and there might have been a problem.

This sketch was done looking towards the Palace from the Hyde Park Corner end. The garden was a big surprise - it was much more informal than I had imagined and quite a lot of undulations. It was also lovely sunny weather which was a marvellous change from what we have been getting all over the UK.

And the food? Pretty good - nice cucumber and mint sandwiches, tea or iced coffee, and very tasty little cakes. Altogether very civilized - nay, Regal, and it was a privilege to be invited. A day to remember.


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