Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Molens van Kinderdijk in Holland painted in oils

Posted On: Friday 11th May 2012
Summary: This is a world heritage site in Kinderdijk, Holland where there are over 15 preserved windmills. I painted this on location in the late afternoon

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molens van kinderdijkI've been painting in Holland for the past week, which is why the silence on my part. But, back now armed with lots of new stuff which I'll share in the next week or two, including meeting up with two excellent dutch artists.

First up is a painting of the Molens van Kinderdijk, a heritage site of preserved windmills. I counted 9 in this painting. The sails on most of them were gently turning in the evening breeze. I saw my first swift of the year, so of course I painted him in on the left.

12"x24" oil on canvas


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