Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Pastel painting at Canal Road - Thrupp Oxfordshire

Posted On: Saturday 14th April 2012
Summary: An afternoon pastel painting of the canal basin at Thrupp near Oxford

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pastels at thrupp canal basinYesterday afternoon, travelling back to Cambridge from the Cotswolds, I did a bit of exploring around the villages North of Oxford. Canal Road, Thrupp, is a little dead-end that takes you down to a canal basin with a tight turn for the boats.

Here the centre of interest is a balanced footbridge that is reminiscent of so many I have seen in Holland. I only had pastels with me - but I'm concentrating on this medium at the moment. This one is a bit overworked - expecially the sky - but nonetheless there a parts that went well, like the light negative spaces.

12"x18" charcoal pencil lines, soft pastels on ingres tinted pastel paper



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