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Punts on the river Cam in Cambridge drawn with pastels

Posted On: Tuesday 27th March 2012
Summary: A drawing of punts using soft pastels. On the first day of summer time the river Cam, which runs through the centre of Cambridge, is alive with tourists and the punts are busy.

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punts on the river drawn with pastelsThis was a last minute pastel drawing after an enjoyable afternoon sketching with several local artists from the Cambridge area. 

I was looking down on the river from Silver Street bridge, and there was a wide range of subjects available on the theme of punts. I chose this composition because I liked the way these three punts fanned out, pointing at the reflections on the right hand side . The punts kept moving around with the movement of the water, so I just had to stick to the positioning that I had first chosen.

4"x6" soft pastels on tinted ingres pastel paper. 


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