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Birds sketched in brush and acrylic ink on paper

Posted On: Wednesday 25th January 2012
Summary: These are practice bird sketches done on a large sheet of newsprint with a chinese brush and acrylic ink

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birds sketched with inkI didn't want to get involved with anything but broad shapes and outlines for these practice sketches of birds. I held up a John Busby bird painting book with one hand and painted with the other. A large page of newsprint was used and a large chinese brush with black acrylic ink. This suited my fast and furious approach - which was what I wanted.

In the space of half an hour I did over 20 such sketches and I'm sure a lot more goes into the brain than labouring for ages on one small study. Please be warned! I will be posting bird subjects over the next few days - pencil, ink, oils....

acrylic black ink


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