Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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On the edge of the wild wood - plein air painting using oil bars

Posted On: Wednesday 11th January 2012
Summary: The light was almost gone when I started painting on the edge of a wood near Great Gransden. Started in water mixable oils, it was finished with oil bars

Blog Tags: Landscape painting   Oil painting   Outdoor painting   Plein air   Nocturne painting   

the wild woodThe light was failing before I even started to paint on the edge of "the wild wood." Any moment I expected the weasels to emerge, followed by good old badger.  I began this plein air painting using water mixable oil  paint, but when I got back to the studio I only had my memory to go on - and mostly that was a thin strip of pale light just above the horizon, flickering through the bare trees.

So I changed direction altogether and worked the whole thing over in oil bar and this is the result . 12"x10"

Here's a bit of video to show you what the scene, or what could be seen of it, looked like:



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