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Clematis and rose flowers in the garden - painted in oil

Posted On: Saturday 19th November 2011
Summary: A painting of flowers - clematis and roses - in the garden. This oil was started in May but not finished until late November. Somehow it got lost in the studio. But the roses were still in flower

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clematis and rosesAt the beginning of this video you can hear the birds chirruping away as they build their nests. But there has been a long gap between painting these clematis and roses in the garden and completing it in the studio. It just got pushed behin other work. But amazingly (to a non-gardener like me) the roses were still blooming in mid-November, so I could bring a few indoors to help me complete the picture.

I debated how to complete the composition, asking myself whether or not the top third of the painting should remain relatively empty. I decided that if I filled it up with more flowers I would end up with something more like a wallpaper pattern than a portrait of a real subject. Besides,  it  looks like the flowers and leaves are "settling" towards the bottom - an idea I rather like.

The rose towards the bottom was a real problem. It's one of those roses with a tight formation of petals - lots of them - and the pale cream was tricky too, especially in the shadow areas. I scrubbed it out several times before picking one of the last of the blooms and bringing it into the studio to help  me - where it dropped its petals very quickly!

This painting is the subject of a 35 minute video which is available free to Level 3 members.

12" x 12" oil on board



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