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Is it worth paying for premium brand oil paint

Posted On: Saturday 20th August 2011
Summary: Having recently bought a tube of Vasari oil paint, I am asking myself whether it was worth paying extra for a premium brand

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vasari and winsor and newton oil paintOn the top you see a large tube of Vasari "Kings Blue Extra Pale" oil paint. Below it a smaller tube of Winsor and Newton "Burnt Sienna." I got the Vasari almost half the normal price because of the missing cap, but volume-for-volume, the Vasari was still more expensive. 

Is it worth it? It's probably unfair to judge from one tube of paint that looks to be 95% titanium white, but I think not. I'm not even sure I can tell much difference between, say, Michael Harding oil paint and Winsor and Newton. OK, a bit - the Harding has just that bit extra pigment strength. Maybe I would be bothered if fine nuances of colour and texture meant a lot to me, but really I think there are more important things to worry about.

Come to that, is there an awful lot of difference between Artist's quality brands and , say, Rowney's economical "Georgian" range of oil paints? I use Winsor, Harding, Rowney,  Jackson and Sennelier pretty much inter-changeably without being particularly aware that I am using a more or less expensive paint.

What do you think. Have your say on the forum if you have a view, or have any recommendations to make for brands and particular colors for oils or watercolors.

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