Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Zennor village, Cornwall, UK painted in watercolor and gouache

Posted On: Wednesday 20th July 2011
Summary: One of a number of small sketches I did recently when staying on the North coast of Cornwall. This one is 6" x 8"; initially in pure watercolor and then overlaid with gouache.

Blog Tags: Landscape painting   Watercolor   Outdoor painting   Gouache    Buildings   

zennor village cornwall painted in watercolor and gouacheThis was painted first in watercolor, and then when it was dry I went over most of it with watercolour mixed with permanent white gouache. A quick way of making standard watercolors opaque. Mind you, you lose a lot of the color intensity by doing this, unlike if you are using proper gouache colors. But if you can accept that limitation and work with it, it's still possible to produce interesting work.

The only bit of pure white is the untouched paper on the gable wall of the cottage,


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