Friday, February 23, 2018

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Pen sketch in Cambridge College Chapel

Posted On: Wednesday 6th July 2011
Summary: A pen and lumocolor crayon sketch done during a piano recital in a college chapel in Cambridge, UK. Can't recall which college though.

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concert in cambridge chapel sketchDone in a 6" x 8" catridge paper notebook. I can't have been that excited by the music - I'm not a multi-tasker and I was totally absorbed by the sketching.  I usually take a small sketchbook with me to such events in case I get either inspired to sketch or bored by what I'm listening to or watching. But I think somehow the music has a background influence.

I fancy I may have been listening to Bach - mathematical, ordered, precise, organised, detailed - a bit like the sketch.

This Saturday I will be going to see a performance of "Macbeth" at the "leper church" in Cambridge with friends. I'll take the sketchbook with me and see if madness descends!  "Out, damn'd spot!" I can see it now....


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