Friday, February 23, 2018

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Paintbox 3 - How to paint snow scenes in oil

Details: Four videos and three demonstrations by Noel Garner painted on location in different lighting conditions, and finished in the studio, take you step by step through painting snow scenes with oil paint. £24 in the UK inc VAT($32 approx. without local tax)


Painting snow subjects has got to be one of the most enjoyable painting experiences. As Noel Garner explains:

"Snow is never white - it's a whole variety of pale colour based on white but with fascinating changes of colour and vibrancy. What's more, when the weather conditions change, the appearance of a snow scene changes too. It's these features which I want to explore with artists who are keen to expand their repertoire."

Four high quality videos are immediately available for you to view as many times as you like. You can dip in and out of these videos at your own pace.  Three oil painting demonstrations in very different snow conditions show you how to paint snow scenes using oils.  Here is what you can expect from over two hours of video:
  1. How to paint snow scene when it's sunny or cloudy.
  2. Which selection of colours are best for mixing the many shades of snow.
  3. How to use the "spatter" technique to paint falling snow.
  4. Adjusting to high contrast subjects.
  5. Getting subtle depths into deeply shadowed areas.
  6. How to paint sun falling onto sun.
  7. The best way to paint footsteps and animal tracks in the snow.
  8. Advice on reference photography in the snow
  9. How to paint grasses and twigs to explain the surface of the snow
  10. Convincing shadows on snow in the sun
  11. The importance of varying snow colour shades even when the weather is dull.
  12. Using muted colour in the landscape to bring focus to a snow painting composition

Click on the video below to get a three minute sample to give you a flavour of these videos: