Friday, February 23, 2018

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Paintbox 2 - How to paint a still life of flowers in vibrant watercolour

Details: Still life paintings of flowers can sometimes be too stiff and lacking life. However, the fluid nature of watercolour makes it an ideal medium for this subject, and in this video demonstration Noel Garner shows you how to take full advantage and produce a still life that is full of vibrancy and movement

Painting a still life of flowers in a jug! In watercolour! Arranged just how you like it! What a fabulous subject!

Noel Garner shows you how to make the most of a subject like this - starting from going out to pick your flowers, arranging and getting the right light on them - and then talking you through a live demonstration of the painting from start to finish.

Some of the secrets he will show you are :

  • Being bold with wet-into-wet watercolour.
  • Choosing where to place the details.
  • Making the most of a simple colour scheme.
  • Using small area of dark paint to highlight brilliant colours.
  • Painting a glossy jug in way that complements the softness of flowers.
  • How to paint reflections in a shiny jug with watercolour.
Here's a short extract from the video: