Monday, May 29, 2017

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Windmill paintings in watercolour

Painting windmills and watermills is a long-term interest of mine. Most of them are in watercolour, and some of the pictures are shown here. Some have been sold, but most are still available on a one-to-one basis.

More watercolour paintings of windmills:

Little Wilbraham windmill

Little Wilbraham  

Denver windmill

Denver windmill

Horsey Dyke

Horsey Dyke windpump

Wicken Fen windpump

Wicken Fen windpump

Bardwell Suffolk windmill

Bardwell Suffolk windmill - the cap and sails were blown off this mill in a storm two days after I painted this. The cap is now on, twenty years later, but not the sails.

Herringfleet drainage pump, Norfolk Broads

Herringfleet drainage pump, Norfolk Broads       

How Hill Drainage mill, Norfolk Broads       

  How Hill Drainage mill, Norfolk Broads

 Halvergate marshes, the Broads

Halvergate marshes, the Broads

Thurn Dyke

Thurne Dyke - since painting this the sails have been restored. I rather like it the way it was

 Billinghford windmill, Norfolk

Billingford windmill, Norfolk

Burnham Overy windmill, Norfolk

Burnaham Overy windmill North Norfolk coast

Cann Mills

Cann Mills, Shaftesbury. Tragically, this mill, in the Portugese style, has since been demolished. Windmill World tell me that  the miller had a particular fondness for Portugal, so commissioned the mill to be built to remind him of the place

 Over windmill, Cambridgeshire

Over windmill. Looks like it's under repair, but in fact works well with two sails. We get flour from here sometimes. All the sails are now up, though.

 Shipley Mill Belloc's

Shipley windmill, once owned by Hilaire Belloc

 High Ham Somerset

High Ham mill,  Somerset

  Broadfield windmill Felton Common

Broadfield Mill, Felton Common, Bristol. Painting on location. The speckled effects are where the watercolour froze on the paper. I was frozen too!

Rye smock mill

Rye smock mill

Terling windmill

Terling smock mill. This sketch is only 3"x 5"

Stocks Mill Wittersham

Stocks Mill, Wittersham

Meopham windmill, Kent

Meopham windmill, Kent

St Benets Abbey

St Benets windmill, Norfolk Broads. Famously painted by John Sell Cotman among other 18th Century great watercolourists.

Great Chishill

Great Chishill postmill, Cambridgeshire. This is near where I live. Hasn't changed over the years.

Impington windmill

Impington windmill, Cambridge. The sails are now up and the owner plans a complete restoration to working order. I painted this in the snow on location. The owner gave me a cup of tea, but it disappeared in the snow! I was too absorbed.

Bourn postmill

Bourn postmill. Reputed to be the oldest postmill in England, 17th Century. I've taken a bit of artistic licence here - there's a farmhouse next to it.

Hunsett draingage mill, Norfolk Broads

Hunsett draingage mill, Norfolk Broads. This hangs on my father-in-law's lounge wall. It is my favourite windmill painting. Lots of memories. 

Strumpshaw Fen windmill

Strumpshaw Fen

Chapel Allerton windmill

Chapel Allerton