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Buckingham Palace from the garden sketched in pencil and crayon
This is the first of two sketches I did from the the garden of Buckingham Palace at the garden party last Tuesday
Added: Thursday 24th May 2012, 17:42:38

Watercolour pencil and fountain pen sketch of Lapwings over water
Using watercolour pencils for colour and fountain pen for line, I sketched this view over Fen Drayton lakes on the first warm day of the year. A flock of Lapwing added some interest and movement
Added: Thursday 23rd February 2012, 12:27:09

BlueTit and Great Tit sketched from the kitchen window through binoculars
A blue tit and a great tit sketched in ink and colored pencils through binoculars on a tripod
Added: Monday 30th January 2012, 4:12:00

Watercolour pencil sketch of a Woodpigeon
A sketch on location of a woodpigeon high in a tree, drawn with pencil and watercolour pencils.
Added: Monday 9th January 2012, 11:36:43

Sketches of winter birds at Titchwell Bird Reserve - Teal Shoveler and Pintail
More sketches of birds at Titchwell Bird Reserve, Norfolk coast, UK. All done from a hide on location using watercolour pencils.
Added: Thursday 8th December 2011, 4:13:37

Curlews and Sunken boats on the Norfolk coast - sketches at Titchwell bird reserve
Yesterday I was in Titchwell RSPB bird Reserve on the North Norfolk coast watching birds and sketching them with well known birding author David Chandler. Curlews and sunken boats were among the highlights I got to sketch
Added: Tuesday 6th December 2011, 10:52:14

Sketch with watercolour pencils - cream tea at Sawtry
My wife and I cycled past this delightful garden serving cream teas in Sawtry. While we indulged with scones and tea, I sketched the scene with watercolour pencils and pen.
Added: Tuesday 16th August 2011, 9:26:35

Sketching with watercolour pencils on a cycle ride
This sketch was done using Derwent Aquatone pencils. They are solid watercolour pigment with some kind of binder makes them surprisingly resistant to breaking
Added: Monday 15th August 2011, 6:15:31

Rowing on the River Cam, part 2
This shows how the sketch I started in the last blog finished up when I had coloured it with watercolor pencils
Added: Wednesday 23rd February 2011, 11:40:24


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