Friday, February 23, 2018

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Snow in northern greece in pastels
A plein air sketch with soft pastels in the mountains of northern greece
Added: Saturday 11th November 2017, 15:57:13

Dundas Aquaduct, Bradford on Avon, England, pencil sketch
A pencil sketch of Dundas Aquaduct done on location at Bradford on Avon, Englan
Added: Thursday 11th February 2016, 17:00:01

Pencil sketch of the casino at Monte Carlo
A small sketch in pencil outside the casino at Monte Carlo, France
Added: Monday 2nd November 2015, 16:31:53

TT motorcycle racers going up May Hill - pencil sketch
Facing the opposite direction from yesterday's post, this pencil sketch shows the TT motorcycle racers going up May Hill from the direction of Parliament Square in Ramsey
Added: Sunday 8th June 2014, 2:41:54

Pencil sketch at the TT motorcycle races on the Isle of Man
A small pencil sketch on location at the TT motorcycle races on the Isle of Man 2014
Added: Saturday 7th June 2014, 3:50:50

Summer Tour sketch 8 - Dumfries
A pencil sketch in the centre of Dumfries
Added: Saturday 31st August 2013, 17:41:54

Summer tour sketch 5 - using pencil in the Mickledon valley
A quick sketch in pencil done as I was walking in the Lake District
Added: Monday 12th August 2013, 17:59:05

Summer tour sketch 4 - walking in Mickledon, Great Langdale
A quick pencil sketch done while walking through the valley of Mickledon at the head of Great Langdale in the English Lake District
Added: Monday 12th August 2013, 0:52:41

Summer tour sketch 2 - Blea Tarn
A sketch from Blea Tarn in the Lake District, and a map of my travels for this painting tour
Added: Friday 2nd August 2013, 2:42:02

Summer tour sketch 1 - Great Langdale, Lake District
The first of a series of plein air sketches and paintings around the UK - this one in the remote valley of Great Langdale in the Lake District of the UK
Added: Thursday 1st August 2013, 1:26:27

Rome - interior
Pencil and ink from the hotel room
Added: Monday 27th May 2013, 17:50:42

The view from Castle Hill, Breamore, New Forest, sketched in pastels
This is a view over the river Avon at Castle Hill near Breamore in the New Forest, UK. Sketched quickly using hard pastels
Added: Saturday 13th April 2013, 3:39:14

A painting of Salisbury Cross by Noel Garner re-appears after 30 years
An early watercolour of Salisbury Cross turned up recently and the new owner decided to let Noel Garner know about it
Added: Saturday 16th March 2013, 4:00:54

Sketches from the Niger Delta - 8 pencil sketches from the boat
On the way upriver in the Niger Delta to Bomardi where the first bridge over the river is located I did these pencil sketches as fast a possible as the boat rocketed along, weaving in and out of the floating weeds
Added: Wednesday 15th August 2012, 17:02:56

Sketches from the Niger Delta 6 - Enekorogha clinic in water mixable oils
This I did as a small present to the New Foundations Health workers at the Enekorogha clinic in the Niger Delta, painted in water mixable oils
Added: Monday 13th August 2012, 0:29:01

Sketches from the Niger Delta 3 - charcoal pencil on paper
Another of my quick charcoal sketches standing on the river bank in the monsoon season in the Niger Delta
Added: Wednesday 8th August 2012, 0:40:31

Sketches from the Niger Delta 2 - charcoal on paper - football
This charcoal sketch shows a bunch of lads playing football by the river in Enekorogha in the Niger Delta
Added: Monday 6th August 2012, 15:30:55

Sketch in Buckingham Palace Garden - London
This is the second sketch using coloured pencils and grey crayon that I did of Buckingham Palace while we were attending one of the Queen's garden parties
Added: Friday 25th May 2012, 17:31:48

Buckingham Palace from the garden sketched in pencil and crayon
This is the first of two sketches I did from the the garden of Buckingham Palace at the garden party last Tuesday
Added: Thursday 24th May 2012, 17:42:38

Sketching at the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace
This is the sketching materials I took with me to sketch at the Queen's Garden Party I attended on Monday at Buckingham Palace in London
Added: Thursday 24th May 2012, 0:54:55


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