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Snow in northern greece in pastels
A plein air sketch with soft pastels in the mountains of northern greece
Added: Saturday 11th November 2017, 15:57:13

Sunset and moonrise in Northumberland - in pastels
A medium sized painting in pastels executed on location and finished in the studio. On the coast of Northumberland it is both sunset and moonrise
Added: Sunday 20th December 2015, 12:35:15

Bridge at Sospel in the the French Riviera sketched in pastels
A small pastels sketched with carre pastels at Sospel, late afternoon
Added: Tuesday 3rd November 2015, 15:15:19

The View from Eze, French Riviera sketched in pastel
Eze is a medieval village perched atop a crag in the Riviera. This small pastel was executed on the spot
Added: Saturday 31st October 2015, 8:55:35

Pond in summer, pastels
A practice pastels sketch of a pond from a photographic reference
Added: Sunday 8th February 2015, 16:58:50

Pastel sketch from the apartment balcony in Marseille
A first sketch in pastels on the day of arrival at our apartment in Marseills
Added: Thursday 1st January 2015, 14:09:26

Pastel from the main square in Aix en Provence
A small pastel painted in the centre of Aix en Provence in late October
Added: Wednesday 3rd December 2014, 18:02:22

Place de Lenche, Marseille in pastels
A pastels sketch in place de lenche Marseille
Added: Sunday 30th November 2014, 14:27:42

Norwich market in pastels with St Peter Mancroft and Mr Whippy
A plein sir pastel sketch in Norwich market, featuring an ice cream parlour and Sir Peter Mancroft church in the background
Added: Thursday 25th September 2014, 5:58:49

Aldeburgh beach in pastels
An late afternoon pastels painting on Aldeburgh beadh, Suffolk, UK. Painted plein air
Added: Saturday 6th September 2014, 8:47:06

Pastel and ink sketch in the city centre of Bordeaux, France
A small sketch in ink and pastels completed plein air in the centre of Bordeaux
Added: Wednesday 20th August 2014, 16:24:02

Tour de France - pastel sketch while waiting for the Peleton in Cambridge
There was a long wait on Regent Street, Cambridge waiting for the peleton to pass by, so I did this small pastel sketch of the crowd
Added: Thursday 14th August 2014, 16:35:28

Tour de France starts from Cambridge
A small pastel sketch in the centre of Cambridge when the Tour de France 2014 started one of the stages here
Added: Tuesday 12th August 2014, 17:42:55

Thaxted windmill painted with pastels
Thaxted has a working tower windmill, and I painted this in pastels late in the afternoon as the miller was closing up
Added: Friday 30th May 2014, 18:14:16

Boatyard at West Mersea, Essex - pastel painting on location
a pastel painting at a boatyard at west Mersea, heavily edited in photoshop
Added: Wednesday 30th April 2014, 15:45:27

Houseboat at Mersea Island - in pastels
A small pastel paint done on location at Mersea Island of a houseboat
Added: Saturday 26th April 2014, 14:06:40

St Mary's Buildings, Bath, painted on location in pastels
A painting in soft pastels of St. Mary's Buildings - a hidden gem in Bath, UK
Added: Monday 30th December 2013, 7:31:52

St Mary's Buildings, Bath painted plein air in pastels
A reprise of a painting I last did here 25 years ago at St Mary's Buildings, Bath, UK, only this time plein air in pastels
Added: Saturday 28th December 2013, 11:25:19

Christmas Day pastel sketch at Cold Ashton, Bath
This is a small pastel sketch on Christmas morning 2013
Added: Wednesday 25th December 2013, 15:41:00

Polkerris harbour Cornwall sketched in soft pastels
A late summer sketch done on location in pastels at Polkerris harbour in Cornwall
Added: Friday 29th November 2013, 11:44:37


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