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Steam's up - pastel sketch in the old power station in Cambridge
A pastel sketch done on one of the few open days when they fire up a few of the old steam engines at the former power station in Cambridge
Added: Tuesday 11th June 2013, 17:40:30

Rome - interior of Santa Maria del Populo
A small sketch done inside the church of Santa Maria del Populo in Rome, in pastels and ink
Added: Thursday 23rd May 2013, 17:21:55

Green Park Railway Station, Bath, UK, in pastels
On a cold and rainy day it was good to be under cover and I painted this bustling market scene in pastels in the old Green Park Station in Bath
Added: Saturday 30th March 2013, 6:37:39

Interior view in pastels at Canons Ashby Manor House
I painted this in soft pastels inside the lounge at Canons Ashby, an historic Manor House in the rolling countryside of Northamptonshire in the UK
Added: Wednesday 12th September 2012, 13:03:05

In the bar at The Angel, Bermondsey, London
A small sketch in The Angel Bermondsey, London, done whilst I dried myself in front of the fire after a sharp rainstorm over the Thames.
Added: Saturday 21st April 2012, 3:44:11

Cafe Rouge - digital sketch started in pen and spirit markers
Pen and marker sketch started in Cafe Rouge, Center Parcs,photographed, and colour added digitally in Photoshop to finish
Added: Saturday 31st December 2011, 5:03:51

Sketch at meeting of artists in Cambridge Internet cafe
This sketch shows the view of the room upstairs where we were sketching a couple of jazz musicians
Added: Tuesday 13th December 2011, 8:14:45

Sketch of a Vermeer painting on show at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
This is one of four sketches I did of Vermeer's paintings on show in a very crowded gallery at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.
Added: Saturday 26th November 2011, 7:44:00

The Music lesson by Vermeer - sketch at the Fitzwilliam museum
I did this sketch in front of one of Vermeer's most famous paintings, "The Music Lesson". There was a big crowd - but nobody else with a sketchbook!
Added: Thursday 17th November 2011, 6:27:07


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