Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Rome - evening pastel painting from the top of Via Merulana
Very close to the Cathedral atop the Lateran hill in Rome, this evening pastel looks down via Merulana
Added: Thursday 30th May 2013, 11:18:59

Rome - Porta del Popolo
The final pastels sketch from Noel Garner's recent painting visit to Rome, in the Piazza del Popolo
Added: Wednesday 29th May 2013, 16:20:16

Rome - interior
Pencil and ink from the hotel room
Added: Monday 27th May 2013, 17:50:42

Rome - outside Basilica San Clemente, in pastels
Sketched in pastels whilst waiting for coffee to arrive. The basilica San Clemente is one of the oldest in Rome - which is saying something.
Added: Monday 27th May 2013, 4:05:25

Rome - inside the Colliseum, pastels
Brilliant sunshine, massive crowds and an amazing structure, the Colliseum in Rome made for a challenging sketch in pastels
Added: Sunday 26th May 2013, 1:18:48

Rome - a pastel sketch for two ice creams
Sometimes when you're on holiday the only thing to do is be nice!
Added: Saturday 25th May 2013, 7:06:43

Rome - interior of Santa Maria del Populo
A small sketch done inside the church of Santa Maria del Populo in Rome, in pastels and ink
Added: Thursday 23rd May 2013, 17:21:55

Rome - the temple of Portunus sketched with an ink pen
A quick sketch of the temple of Portunus in Rome done with an ink fineliner and black brushpen.
Added: Tuesday 21st May 2013, 1:52:24

Rome - pastels sketch in the rain in Trastevere
A pen and pastels sketch on location in the Trastevere area of Rome
Added: Sunday 19th May 2013, 16:07:06

Rome - pastels sketch in Trastevere
A small pastels and ink brush sketch done in the Trastevere area of Rome
Added: Saturday 18th May 2013, 9:42:14

Tricase Porto, Puglia painted in pastels
A plein air painting in pastels done late in the afternoon on the eastern tip of the "heel" of Italy. An interesting zig-zag composition.
Added: Saturday 26th January 2013, 13:16:22

View over Porto Badisco, Puglia, Italy, painted in pastels
This view is from the watchtower on the hill above Porto Badisco in Pulgia, Italy, painted in pastels on a clear and breezy morning
Added: Tuesday 22nd January 2013, 17:34:47

Leuca, on the heel of Italy, plein air in pastels
While fish was being cooked for us in the beach restaurant I painted the scene plein air in pastels. Leuca is right on the tip of the heel of Italy
Added: Tuesday 22nd January 2013, 5:46:23

Fire in the olive grove - Puglia Italy - painted plein air in pastels
At this time of the year there were many small fires in the olive groves as farmers swept up and burnt the debris under the trees in preparation for the olive harvest. It was a nice plein air subject
Added: Wednesday 12th December 2012, 16:55:15

Sunrise at the Watchtower, Porto Badisco, Puglia, Itlay - pastel sketch
This pastel sketch at Porto Badisco was done early the next morning after yesterday's blog post
Added: Monday 12th November 2012, 17:45:16

Evening light at the Watchtower, Porto Badisco, Puglia, in pastels
A small pastel sketch of the last of the sun on the watchtower at Porto Badisco, Puglia viewed from the terrace.
Added: Sunday 11th November 2012, 17:53:01

The Optomist returns to Porto Badisco - pastels in Puglia, Italy
I have put the towns behind me for a moment to paint landscape in Puglia, Italy. In pastels. The tiny harbour of Porto Badisco is a hidden gem.
Added: Sunday 4th November 2012, 16:58:43

Gallipoli, Puglia, Italy, evening in pastels
I arrived in Gallipoli, on the West coast of Puglia, Italy, late in the afternoon and painted this in pastels with the full glare of the evening sun on the promenade. An unforgettable sight.
Added: Friday 2nd November 2012, 17:06:11

Piazza Mazzini, Lecce, Italy, painted in pastels
This is the last of my Piazza paintings in pastels from Italy in 2012. This one in the heart of the beautiful Lecce
Added: Friday 2nd November 2012, 1:47:13

Piazza Umberto I, Uggiano, Puglia, Italy, painted in pastels
Uggiano is another small Puglian town with typical Italian style and colour. This was painted in pastels over siesta time while everything was rather quiet
Added: Wednesday 31st October 2012, 18:54:43


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