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Autumn colours in Lode Fen, Cambridge
A small plein aire painting in oils done in November in Lode Fen, Cambridge
Added: Friday 18th December 2015, 11:48:37

Pond in summer, pastels
A practice pastels sketch of a pond from a photographic reference
Added: Sunday 8th February 2015, 16:58:50

Tour de France - pastel sketch while waiting for the Peleton in Cambridge
There was a long wait on Regent Street, Cambridge waiting for the peleton to pass by, so I did this small pastel sketch of the crowd
Added: Thursday 14th August 2014, 16:35:28

Tour de France starts from Cambridge
A small pastel sketch in the centre of Cambridge when the Tour de France 2014 started one of the stages here
Added: Tuesday 12th August 2014, 17:42:55

Steam winch sketch in hard pastels
Ths is a pastel sketch done on location, standing up to paint with my pad resting on a fence
Added: Thursday 13th June 2013, 17:29:30

Steam's up - pastel sketch in the old power station in Cambridge
A pastel sketch done on one of the few open days when they fire up a few of the old steam engines at the former power station in Cambridge
Added: Tuesday 11th June 2013, 17:40:30

Rowers in Cambridge sketched in pastels
The river in Cambridge is always a good source of interest and activity for sketching.
Added: Thursday 6th June 2013, 2:47:44

Snow and sun at Fen Drayton Lakes, painted plein air with pastels
A dramatic scene of snow and water looking directly into the source of light. Painted plein air in pastels. An interesting zig-zag composition.
Added: Sunday 27th January 2013, 3:09:42

Painting snow on trees using pastels
This is a fast (it was cold!) plein air pastel sketch done in the centre of Cambridge UK to show the snow hanging on the branches of a tree
Added: Friday 25th January 2013, 1:51:00

Nocturne in pastels - the new pond
For this nocturne I sat outside looking in on the party with a strong composition formed by the reflections in the pond. Done with soft pastels
Added: Sunday 9th September 2012, 7:21:42

Nasturtiums - a pastel painting
This pastel painting of nasturtiums was painted plein air in a neighbour's garden in Cambridge UK
Added: Sunday 19th August 2012, 23:55:23

Plein air oil painting - Path through a wheat field
Painted plein air near Cambridge, this small oil painting shows a footpath slicing its way through a wheat field
Added: Sunday 1st July 2012, 23:31:41

Pastel painting of a marsh harrier at Little Wilbraham Fen, Cambridge
A small painting in soft and hard pastels of a low-lying fenland scene near Cambridge with a marsh harrier soaring in the distance
Added: Saturday 23rd June 2012, 19:36:10

Pastel sketch of barges tied up to the river bank in Cambridge
A quick pastel sketch done in Cambridge UK while out on a bike ride
Added: Monday 18th June 2012, 1:00:32

Large pastel painting of a street party for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee
A riot of colour and movement makes a street party an ideal subject for plein air pastel painting. Here is was a Queen's Diamond Jubilee street party in Cambridge
Added: Saturday 9th June 2012, 1:55:21

Pastel sketch in beer garden
Beer garden by the River Cam in Cambridge sketched in pastels
Added: Tuesday 5th June 2012, 4:22:08

Farmyard birds in pastels
Surrounded by a clucking melee of farmyard birds, I set out to sketch as many a possible using hard and soft pastels
Added: Saturday 19th May 2012, 3:31:03

Pastel painting of spring blossom - magnolia and forsythia
The magnolia and forsythia blossom is nearly over, but for once I actually caught it before it was all over for another year.
Added: Tuesday 10th April 2012, 4:32:39

Corsican Pine and Cherry tree blossom painted in oil
This corsican pine tree is in someone's front garden in Cambridge. I painted it in oil to get the cherry blossom in the background as well.
Added: Tuesday 3rd April 2012, 13:59:50

Darwin College Cambridge University - a sketch in pastel
This is a 15 minute pastel sketch of Darwin College Cambridge viewed from "The Backs"
Added: Friday 30th March 2012, 5:08:38


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