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Gate at Norwich cathedral painted in oil pastels
A samll plein air sketch in oil pastels at a gateway to the grounds of Norwich Cathedral. Late January afternoon
Added: Sunday 15th February 2015, 16:27:27

Successful charity auction in Oxford
Two of Noel Garner's paintings sold at charity auction.
Added: Sunday 2nd March 2014, 15:40:11

Unofficial pop-up gallery at Anglesea Abbey, Cambridge
So I set up my own one-picture gallery at Anglesea Abbey. I won't tell if you don't.
Added: Saturday 1st February 2014, 15:32:24

River Stour in Constable country - painted in oil pastels
This oil pastel was painted in oil pastels by the River Stour in the village of Nayland - all very much the area where John Constable used to paint the Suffolk landscape
Added: Sunday 22nd December 2013, 17:40:20

Birthday card of flowers in a vase, in mixed media
A birthday card for my wife done rather quickly of a vase of flowers
Added: Sunday 23rd December 2012, 1:38:07

Oil study of Clare College Gates from the Backs in Cambridge
A small oil study of Clare College gates in Cambridge painted quickly in about an hour.
Added: Monday 27th February 2012, 12:39:29

Cold snow and warm branches painted in oil pastel plein air at Fen Drayton
This was started on location late one afternoon in the snow using oil paint on gessoed board. When dry it was further developed in the studio using oil pastels
Added: Friday 24th February 2012, 7:03:47

Mixed media sketch of cottages in Horningsea - Cambridge UK
A variety of mediums were used to do this sketch of cottages in Horningsea near Cambridge
Added: Monday 23rd January 2012, 5:16:04

For us a Child is Born - Christmas greetings from Cambridge Art Academy
This abstract painting "For us a Child is Born" in oil pastels comes with Christmas greetings from Cambridge Art Academy
Added: Thursday 22nd December 2011, 11:24:47

Oil and oil pastels painting at Brancaster Staithe Norfolk UK
This started off as a small oil painting, but it was finished off with oil pastels in the studio. Evening light at Brancaster Staithe
Added: Sunday 23rd October 2011, 13:21:54

Digital sketch at Elton Hall gardens using an Asus Transformer tablet
I'm persevering with digital sketching. This one was done Adobe Sketchbook Pro on my Asus Transformer tablet computer at Elton Hall garden near Peterborough
Added: Sunday 7th August 2011, 17:40:33

View from a room - charcoal and oil pastels
This was the view from a room in our house and as the light faded I outlined the shapes with charcoal pencil and then went into my studio to apply the oil pastels from memory. 12" x 12" board.
Added: Saturday 28th May 2011, 3:35:28

Testing out oil pastels - a demonstration on location
I've been testing out several makes of oil pastels. This demonstration uses three makes of oil pastel and compares their benefits
Added: Friday 20th May 2011, 7:41:45

Water mixable oil paints demonstration
I've been comparing water mixable oil paints with standard oils, and this is the 12"x12" painting I did for the demonstration
Added: Friday 20th May 2011, 7:22:13

Birdbath painted with oil pastels
Painted on acrylic paper, 16"x16", this outdoor painting of a garden birdbath shows off what oil pastels are particularly good for - lines and small areas of brilliant color
Added: Monday 16th May 2011, 15:24:26

Preparing panels for oil paint
How to prepare panels for oil painting
Added: Saturday 14th May 2011, 3:06:18


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