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Sunset and moonrise in Northumberland - in pastels
A medium sized painting in pastels executed on location and finished in the studio. On the coast of Northumberland it is both sunset and moonrise
Added: Sunday 20th December 2015, 12:35:15

Rome - evening pastel painting from the top of Via Merulana
Very close to the Cathedral atop the Lateran hill in Rome, this evening pastel looks down via Merulana
Added: Thursday 30th May 2013, 11:18:59

The twin churches of Swaffham Prior in pastels
A large pastel painting done on the spot as the sun set and the moon emerged in the night sky. Swaffham Prior is a small fenland village in Cambridgeshire, UK
Added: Monday 22nd April 2013, 2:50:34

Last light at the Nature Reserve, in pastels
A pastels sketch done this afternoon as the light was fading at the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) HQ at Sandy Lodge in Bedfordshire
Added: Tuesday 1st January 2013, 16:41:11

Mop Fair Tewkesbury sketched in pastels
Fast pastels sketch in vibrant colours on the first night of the annual "mop Fair" in Tewkesbury
Added: Monday 26th November 2012, 17:04:49

Evening light at the Watchtower, Porto Badisco, Puglia, in pastels
A small pastel sketch of the last of the sun on the watchtower at Porto Badisco, Puglia viewed from the terrace.
Added: Sunday 11th November 2012, 17:53:01

Nocturne in pastels - the new pond
For this nocturne I sat outside looking in on the party with a strong composition formed by the reflections in the pond. Done with soft pastels
Added: Sunday 9th September 2012, 7:21:42

Sunset at Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk, in oils
With the last of the sun fading away and night descending over Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk, UK, this was a chance to do a small pastel.
Added: Wednesday 5th September 2012, 18:09:24

The first and last paintings done on holiday in Cornwall - pochade box with oil
The first painting is always a frustration, and the last one done on a painting expedition often feels like the best. Here are my first and last pochade box oils done on a recent trip to Cornwall
Added: Tuesday 21st August 2012, 22:24:42

Great Chishill windmill painted at sunset in oils with a palette knife
I started this the same evening as the pastel shown two days ago. Begun in traditional oils, then back in the studio finished using a palette knife. Great Chishill is a magnificent sight at sunset with its massive white sails facing West.
Added: Thursday 12th April 2012, 16:13:14

Pastel drawing at sunset on the lake at Denny Abbey
The urge to use draw with pastels on location descending on me yesterday, and this is the result, on a lake location at Denny Abbey near Cambridge UK, and the sun setting.
Added: Monday 20th February 2012, 8:51:49

On the edge of the wild wood - plein air painting using oil bars
The light was almost gone when I started painting on the edge of a wood near Great Gransden. Started in water mixable oils, it was finished with oil bars
Added: Wednesday 11th January 2012, 17:38:49

Dawn plein air painting in Elvedon Forest in oil
At dawn on family Christmas holiday with my family at Elvedon Forest Center Parcs, I couldn't wait to get out and paint plein air outside our chalet
Added: Sunday 1st January 2012, 14:10:16

Night time pencil sketch of Westminster Abbey in London
This pencil sketch of Westminster Abbey in London, at night, was the last of my day spent sketching in London on the 21st December 2011
Added: Friday 30th December 2011, 7:53:55

Watercolour of Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament London painted at night
A watercolour sketch of the illuminated Houses of Parliament in watercolour from the South Bank next to Westminster Bridge, as night fell.
Added: Thursday 29th December 2011, 7:02:53

Market Square Cambridge UK painted in oil
This was painted in oil from the tower of St. Mary's church Cambridge as it started to get dark.
Added: Sunday 18th December 2011, 17:55:24

Nocturne painting in oil - The Bath House Bene't Street Cambridge
A small pochade nocturne painting in oil on location in Bene't Street, Cambridge, featuring the Bath House pub and a rather pretty-in-pink lingerie shop in the distance.
Added: Wednesday 14th December 2011, 4:47:37

Wet-in-wet watercolour sunset of Putney Embankment in London
This view from Putney Bridge in London is a watercolour that makes much use of the wet-in-wet technique. The painting was started in location as the sun was setting over the Thames, and completed much later in the studio. It's a commission which will be framed and presented to the client in time for Christmas.
Added: Sunday 4th December 2011, 10:48:09

Pen and soft pencil sketch of The Anchor at Sutton Gault in the Cambridgeshire Fens
This sketch at the pub called the Anchor and Sutton Gault in the Cambridgeshire Fens was done as the last of the daylight faded and we went in for our meal
Added: Friday 9th September 2011, 5:22:14

Sunset from Castle Mound Cambridge, a pochade sketch in oil
As the daylight faded I walked to the top of Castle Mound in Cambridge to paint the view in oil using my pochade box, only stopping when the light had gone, at 10pm
Added: Saturday 4th June 2011, 2:21:49


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