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Flowers in the nursery painted in pastels
Late summer dahlias and other nursery flowers painted in pastels during a visit to Cornwall
Added: Wednesday 20th November 2013, 18:11:32

Summer tour 19 - Bewdley in pastels
Bewdley is a delightful market town to the West of Birmingham, and this was painting in pastels with the River Severn just over my shoulder.
Added: Monday 28th October 2013, 13:20:42

Summer Tour painting 9 - Logan Botanic Gardens in pastels
Logan Botanic Gardens are in the West of Scotland near Stranraer.
Added: Tuesday 10th September 2013, 17:59:31

Birthday card of flowers in a vase, in mixed media
A birthday card for my wife done rather quickly of a vase of flowers
Added: Sunday 23rd December 2012, 1:38:07

Windswept hedgerow, Perranporth, Cornwall, in carre pastels
This is a small, quick, sketch in hard carre pastels in a windswept lane above Perranporth, a popular holiday destination in Cornwall in the south west of England.
Added: Saturday 1st September 2012, 2:53:56

Nasturtiums - a pastel painting
This pastel painting of nasturtiums was painted plein air in a neighbour's garden in Cambridge UK
Added: Sunday 19th August 2012, 23:55:23

Pastel painting of wildflowers on a Breckland Heath
A plein air pastel painting 13"x19" of wildflowers in a Breckland part of Norfolk, UK
Added: Wednesday 11th July 2012, 8:04:59

A clump of dandelion heads painted in pastels
I had ten minutes to paint these dandelions in pastels before the lawnmower arrived
Added: Wednesday 30th May 2012, 17:57:38

Putney Heath Bus Station painted in pastels
A view painted in pastels of the buses at Putney viewed through the trees on the Heath in morning sunlight.
Added: Sunday 27th May 2012, 16:40:52

Pastel painting of spring blossom - magnolia and forsythia
The magnolia and forsythia blossom is nearly over, but for once I actually caught it before it was all over for another year.
Added: Tuesday 10th April 2012, 4:32:39

Dying rose painted in fifteen minutes using water mixable oil paint
A demonstration of a flower painting of a dying rose using water mixable oil paint. It shows the "cutting in" technique to produce an impressionistic effect with hard and soft edges. The total time to produce this was fifteen minutes.
Added: Monday 21st November 2011, 3:33:46

Clematis and rose flowers in the garden - painted in oil
A painting of flowers - clematis and roses - in the garden. This oil was started in May but not finished until late November. Somehow it got lost in the studio. But the roses were still in flower
Added: Saturday 19th November 2011, 3:30:53

Still life in oil of Cardoons
This is the finished, framed painting of cardoons that I painted as a demonstration for the latest video from Cambridge Art Academy in the Paintbox 3 series on how to paint with oils
Added: Sunday 11th September 2011, 18:06:52

View across the Pevensey Levels, Sussex UK, painted in oil on board
Did this pochade oil sketch at a B and B in East Sussex, before breakfast at 8.30am Beautiful view looking across the valley of the Pevensey Levels
Added: Thursday 4th August 2011, 18:22:40

Pochade oil sketch at Great Dixter house and gardens
This is a small oil sketch done on the spot using my pochade box, at Great Dixter house and gardens on a hot summer afternoon
Added: Wednesday 3rd August 2011, 6:28:50

Digital sketch at Great Dixter garden
I used my Android tablet - an Asus Transformer - and Sketchbook Pro with a stylus pen to do this digital sketch in the famous gardens of Great Dixter in East Sussex, UK
Added: Tuesday 2nd August 2011, 17:00:39

View of Falmouth estuary from Lamorran House Garden, painted in oil
Painted in oil on board from the shelter of an old gazebo in the garden of Lamorran House, the weather and light over the Falmouth Estuary was constantly changing. Sometimes disappearing into rain and mist, then re-appearing in sunlight from the low clouds
Added: Friday 15th July 2011, 18:28:09

Garden irises - oil sketch
Early morning oil sketch 6" x12" on board of the iris's and other flowers in our garden
Added: Sunday 10th July 2011, 2:33:07

Watercolor painting of the walled garden at Scampston Yorkshire
This watercolor painting is on rough watercolor paper 13"x19". Begun on location at Scampston Walled formal garden, it was completed in the studio.
Added: Saturday 2nd July 2011, 4:26:46

Meadow flowers blown by the wind painted in oil
This oil painting of meadow flowers blown by the wind is now complete. I started it three weeks ago and will shortly be part of a video to be found under the "Getting out there" tab.
Added: Saturday 25th June 2011, 3:45:27


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