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Breamore Hall in charcoal and pastels
Breamore Hall in the New Forest which is an imposing Elizabethan House which is drawn here in pastels and charcoal pencil
Added: Thursday 11th April 2013, 15:48:31

View over Bath in watercolour and charcoal
A watercolour overlooking Bath in England painted entirely on location in 1985
Added: Sunday 17th March 2013, 8:41:17

Birthday card of flowers in a vase, in mixed media
A birthday card for my wife done rather quickly of a vase of flowers
Added: Sunday 23rd December 2012, 1:38:07

Pastel of via Guiseppe Libertini, Lecce, Puglia, Italy
First post of a series from a painting expedition in southern Italy two weeks ago. This is a street scene in Lecce, painted plein air in pastels
Added: Tuesday 16th October 2012, 16:39:40

Pastel sketch at Pondersbridge with strange evening sky
A summer evening sky in the Fens of East Anglia is something to relish, and here I wanted to portray in pastels the softness and quietness of this evening sky
Added: Friday 10th August 2012, 7:33:27

Sketches from the Niger Delta 3 - charcoal pencil on paper
Another of my quick charcoal sketches standing on the river bank in the monsoon season in the Niger Delta
Added: Wednesday 8th August 2012, 0:40:31

Sketches from the Niger Delta - charcoal on paper
For the next week or so I'll be posting sketches, and paintings from my recent trip to the Niger Delta.
Added: Monday 6th August 2012, 15:30:55

Sketches from the Niger Delta 2 - charcoal on paper - football
This charcoal sketch shows a bunch of lads playing football by the river in Enekorogha in the Niger Delta
Added: Monday 6th August 2012, 15:30:55

Pastel painting at Canal Road - Thrupp Oxfordshire
An afternoon pastel painting of the canal basin at Thrupp near Oxford
Added: Saturday 14th April 2012, 8:46:19

Sketch portraits at Chesterton Festival, Cambridge
Last Saturday I had a Charity stand at the Chesterton Festival, offering to do free sketch portraits for anyone who wanted one. This video records the fun
Added: Friday 1st July 2011, 2:19:52

Portrait in charcoal of Judy watching Wimbledon
I've got to do at least one sketch from life per day before Saturday. Need to do more if I can. This is Judy watching the tennis at Wimbledon
Added: Tuesday 21st June 2011, 14:22:39

Portrait in oil
This portrait in oil is the start of preparing for next Saturday when I will be sketching people all afternoon in aid of the charity called "Help into Action" at the Chesterton Festival on Pye's Rec in Cambridge
Added: Monday 20th June 2011, 6:51:04

View from a room - charcoal and oil pastels
This was the view from a room in our house and as the light faded I outlined the shapes with charcoal pencil and then went into my studio to apply the oil pastels from memory. 12" x 12" board.
Added: Saturday 28th May 2011, 3:35:28

Small pen drawing in a concert by the Fairhaven Singers in St Johns College Cambridge
This was a while ago now. I posted the charcoal sketches I did in the Fairhaven Singers practice earlier in the day, but this is the pen and crayon sketch I did in my Moleskine sketchbook during the concert on the same evening in St. Johns College Cambridge. 3"x5"
Added: Friday 15th April 2011, 11:02:11

Brickmaking near Bagram Afghanistan - oil painting on canvas
This is another oil painting for my forthcoming exhibition at the Old FireEnginehouse gallery in Ely. Not quite finished (you have to come, to see the final version!)yet but it's pretty much there. It's a large oil painting on canvas, 2'x3' and is located on the road north of Kabul on the way to Bagram
Added: Wednesday 6th April 2011, 2:16:53

Charcoal sketch Fairhaven Singers practice in St John's College Chapel - 4
This is a recent charcoal sketch on newsprint paper done at a practice session of the Fairhaven Singers in St. John's College Chapel, Cambridge. This took about ten minutes to do. Dame Emma Kirkby was the featured soloist
Added: Tuesday 29th March 2011, 4:48:30

Charcoal sketch at Fairhaven Singers practice in St John's College Chapel - 3
Another in the series of charcoal sketches I did whilst watching the Fairhaven Singers practising for their recent concert
Added: Friday 25th March 2011, 6:20:46

Charcoal sketch at Fairhaven Singers practice St John's College Chapel - 2
This is the second of a series of charcoal sketches I did at a practice of the choir in St. John's College Chapel Cambridge
Added: Wednesday 23rd March 2011, 11:52:23

Fairhaven Singers practice St John's College Chapel -1
On Saturday I sketched Fairhaven Singers practising for their evening concert in St John's College Chapel. Over the next few days I will post my charcoal sketches
Added: Monday 21st March 2011, 3:54:18

Fairhaven Singers practice Queens' College Chapel, Cambridge - 2
The second pastel and chalk drawing I did at the practice of the Fairhaven Singers last week, including a sample of their sound at the practice
Added: Saturday 26th February 2011, 6:37:56


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