Friday, February 23, 2018

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Rowers in Cambridge sketched in pastels
The river in Cambridge is always a good source of interest and activity for sketching.
Added: Thursday 6th June 2013, 2:47:44

Pastel painting in a cowshed
In which Noel Garner comes close to being run over by a cow but manages to do a quick pastel sketch.
Added: Sunday 31st March 2013, 6:48:34

A painting of Salisbury Cross by Noel Garner re-appears after 30 years
An early watercolour of Salisbury Cross turned up recently and the new owner decided to let Noel Garner know about it
Added: Saturday 16th March 2013, 4:00:54

Snow and sun at Fen Drayton Lakes, painted plein air with pastels
A dramatic scene of snow and water looking directly into the source of light. Painted plein air in pastels. An interesting zig-zag composition.
Added: Sunday 27th January 2013, 3:09:42

Mill Green House, Suffolk, painted in pastels
I painted Mill Green House in pastels on the first day of autumn late on in the afternoon
Added: Saturday 8th September 2012, 8:30:34

Bargain pastels from Sennelier
I have just bought up an art shop's remainder stock of Sennelier soft pastels for a bargain price
Added: Tuesday 28th August 2012, 15:37:49

Sketches from the Niger Delta 9 - the back path through Enekorogha - pastel
The is last pastel I painted in Enekorogha, a remote village in the Niger Delta in Nigeria. The last rain of the day had passed and this was the calm evening scene an hour before nightfall
Added: Friday 17th August 2012, 23:36:22

Pastel sketch in Schoonhoven, Holland
A small pastel sketch on buff paper in The Haven, Schoonhoven, Holland
Added: Tuesday 15th May 2012, 4:07:30

Oil study at Katwijk beach South Holland while painting with Roos Schuring
This was done while painting on the beach at Katwijk aan Zee, Holland, with Dutch painter Roos Schuring
Added: Saturday 12th May 2012, 4:36:05

Trees and snow - a plein air demonstration in oils near Cambridge
This is another demonstration painting that will form part of Cambridge Art Academy's soon to be released video on how to paint snow in oil paint
Added: Tuesday 20th March 2012, 11:56:20

Pastel sketches at the David Hockney
Sitting in front of some large canvases by Hockney of a lane in the countryside painted at different times of the year, I sketched four of them using soft pastels.
Added: Sunday 11th March 2012, 10:13:52

Palette knife urban doodle - memories of George Deakin and Singapore
A palette knife doodle on a scrap piece of board in oils - vague memory of Singapore and artist George Deakin
Added: Thursday 8th March 2012, 4:23:20

Punts on the river Cam in Cambridge sketched in gouache and pen
Why not learn to paint in gouache rather than transparent watercolour? If you paint in oil as well, you will find gouache easy since it is basically an opaque medium. Dries quickly and you can draw or pastel over it. This is of punts on the river in Cambridge.
Added: Monday 5th March 2012, 5:21:23

Oil study of Clare College Gates from the Backs in Cambridge
A small oil study of Clare College gates in Cambridge painted quickly in about an hour.
Added: Monday 27th February 2012, 12:39:29

Cold snow and warm branches painted in oil pastel plein air at Fen Drayton
This was started on location late one afternoon in the snow using oil paint on gessoed board. When dry it was further developed in the studio using oil pastels
Added: Friday 24th February 2012, 7:03:47

Sketches of gulls at Cambridge rubbish dump
You can sketch pretty much anywhere! Cambridge City rubbish dump doesn't hold many attractions for the artist - unless of course you want to sketch gulls and other birds. I had thousands to choose from here.
Added: Saturday 18th February 2012, 15:24:04

Winter watercolour at Fen Drayton Lakes bird reserve
Winter in late January, this quick watercolour at Fen Drayton lakes emphasises the warm colouring on the trees with the low afternoon sun coming from behind. The scene looks warm, but in reality is was a cold day.
Added: Tuesday 7th February 2012, 4:49:42

Bird sketches in brush and black ink
More fast ink sketches of birds - no more than a minute on each one
Added: Thursday 2nd February 2012, 2:54:19

Dawn plein air painting in Elvedon Forest in oil
At dawn on family Christmas holiday with my family at Elvedon Forest Center Parcs, I couldn't wait to get out and paint plein air outside our chalet
Added: Sunday 1st January 2012, 14:10:16

Cafe Rouge - digital sketch started in pen and spirit markers
Pen and marker sketch started in Cafe Rouge, Center Parcs,photographed, and colour added digitally in Photoshop to finish
Added: Saturday 31st December 2011, 5:03:51


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