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River Blyth, Suffolk in pastels
Marshes on the Blyth estuary near Soutwold, Suffolk, UK
Added: Thursday 14th November 2013, 16:00:37

Summer tour painting 14 - Spelga dam, mountains of Mourne
A pastel sketch done on location in the mountains of Mourne, Northern Ireland, and worked up into a finished painting in the studio
Added: Sunday 29th September 2013, 9:41:18

The view from Castle Hill, Breamore, New Forest, sketched in pastels
This is a view over the river Avon at Castle Hill near Breamore in the New Forest, UK. Sketched quickly using hard pastels
Added: Saturday 13th April 2013, 3:39:14

Snow and sun at Fen Drayton Lakes, painted plein air with pastels
A dramatic scene of snow and water looking directly into the source of light. Painted plein air in pastels. An interesting zig-zag composition.
Added: Sunday 27th January 2013, 3:09:42

Last light at the Nature Reserve, in pastels
A pastels sketch done this afternoon as the light was fading at the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) HQ at Sandy Lodge in Bedfordshire
Added: Tuesday 1st January 2013, 16:41:11

Pastel painting of a marsh harrier at Little Wilbraham Fen, Cambridge
A small painting in soft and hard pastels of a low-lying fenland scene near Cambridge with a marsh harrier soaring in the distance
Added: Saturday 23rd June 2012, 19:36:10

Farmyard birds in pastels
Surrounded by a clucking melee of farmyard birds, I set out to sketch as many a possible using hard and soft pastels
Added: Saturday 19th May 2012, 3:31:03

Pair of Collared doves sketched with spirit markers and pens
It's that time of the year - the birds are all getting ready to nest. Lots of cooing and billing in the garden. These two collared doves are pretty well made up with each other. I sketched them with spirit markers and felt tip pens
Added: Monday 19th March 2012, 14:46:07

Watercolour pencil and fountain pen sketch of Lapwings over water
Using watercolour pencils for colour and fountain pen for line, I sketched this view over Fen Drayton lakes on the first warm day of the year. A flock of Lapwing added some interest and movement
Added: Thursday 23rd February 2012, 12:27:09

Pastel drawing at sunset on the lake at Denny Abbey
The urge to use draw with pastels on location descending on me yesterday, and this is the result, on a lake location at Denny Abbey near Cambridge UK, and the sun setting.
Added: Monday 20th February 2012, 8:51:49

Sketches of gulls at Cambridge rubbish dump
You can sketch pretty much anywhere! Cambridge City rubbish dump doesn't hold many attractions for the artist - unless of course you want to sketch gulls and other birds. I had thousands to choose from here.
Added: Saturday 18th February 2012, 15:24:04

Pen and crayon drawing of a magpie
This magpie was sketched viewing it through a pair of binoculars. Not a bad subject because it sat still for me
Added: Thursday 9th February 2012, 17:13:57

Pen drawing of sparrows on a garden feeder
This pen drawing of sparrows was done through binoculars mounted on a tripod.
Added: Thursday 9th February 2012, 2:23:37

Buzzard being mobbed by a jackdaw - pencil sketch
I sketched this mini-drama whilst walking in the beautiful St. Catherine's valley near Bath, UK two weekends ago. In an otherwise empty sky a lazily floating buzzard was being hustled and harried by jackdaw which I sketch in pencil
Added: Wednesday 8th February 2012, 3:57:09

Winter watercolour at Fen Drayton Lakes bird reserve
Winter in late January, this quick watercolour at Fen Drayton lakes emphasises the warm colouring on the trees with the low afternoon sun coming from behind. The scene looks warm, but in reality is was a cold day.
Added: Tuesday 7th February 2012, 4:49:42

Oil study of people walking along the river in Cambridge in the snow
Yesterday was the first snow of the winter in Cambridge, UK, and I couldn't wait to get out and paint. This is the first of two small oil studies done from Elizabeth Way bridge looking towards the centre of Cambridge. The dull sky and lots of dark figures had something of Lowry about it.
Added: Monday 6th February 2012, 4:39:49

Oil study of the river in Cambridge in the snow
Today was the first snow of the winter in Cambridge and I couldn't wait to get out and paint. This is one of two small oil studies done from Elizabeth Way bridge overlooking the river Cam. The dull sky and lots of dark figures had something of Lowry about it.
Added: Sunday 5th February 2012, 15:17:46

Painting sheep in David Cameron country
This field of sheep against a dramatic evening sky was painted in oil on location in David Cameron (UK Prime Minister) country on the edge of the English Cotswolds
Added: Friday 3rd February 2012, 14:21:26

Bird sketches in brush and black ink
More fast ink sketches of birds - no more than a minute on each one
Added: Thursday 2nd February 2012, 2:54:19

BlueTit and Great Tit sketched from the kitchen window through binoculars
A blue tit and a great tit sketched in ink and colored pencils through binoculars on a tripod
Added: Monday 30th January 2012, 4:12:00


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