Friday, February 23, 2018

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Boatyard at West Mersea, Essex - pastel painting on location
a pastel painting at a boatyard at west Mersea, heavily edited in photoshop
Added: Wednesday 30th April 2014, 15:45:27

River Stour in Constable country - painted in oil pastels
This oil pastel was painted in oil pastels by the River Stour in the village of Nayland - all very much the area where John Constable used to paint the Suffolk landscape
Added: Sunday 22nd December 2013, 17:40:20

View over Bath in watercolour and charcoal
A watercolour overlooking Bath in England painted entirely on location in 1985
Added: Sunday 17th March 2013, 8:41:17

Birthday card of flowers in a vase, in mixed media
A birthday card for my wife done rather quickly of a vase of flowers
Added: Sunday 23rd December 2012, 1:38:07

Windswept hedgerow, Perranporth, Cornwall, in carre pastels
This is a small, quick, sketch in hard carre pastels in a windswept lane above Perranporth, a popular holiday destination in Cornwall in the south west of England.
Added: Saturday 1st September 2012, 2:53:56

In the forest - a small pastel painting
A small pastel painted during a bike ride through a local forest using my travelling pastel kit.
Added: Wednesday 6th June 2012, 13:52:02

Pen and neocolour pastel sketch in Whitehall, London
This is one of several sketches in central London I did walking from Leicester Square to Whitehall
Added: Thursday 26th April 2012, 5:31:45

Strand on the Green, London - pen and neocolor pencil
Sketched in pen a neocolor pencil outside the Bull's Head pub on the banks of the River Thames in London
Added: Wednesday 18th April 2012, 17:07:01

Pastel painting at Canal Road - Thrupp Oxfordshire
An afternoon pastel painting of the canal basin at Thrupp near Oxford
Added: Saturday 14th April 2012, 8:46:19

Great Chishill windmill painted at sunset in oils with a palette knife
I started this the same evening as the pastel shown two days ago. Begun in traditional oils, then back in the studio finished using a palette knife. Great Chishill is a magnificent sight at sunset with its massive white sails facing West.
Added: Thursday 12th April 2012, 16:13:14

Palette knife urban doodle - memories of George Deakin and Singapore
A palette knife doodle on a scrap piece of board in oils - vague memory of Singapore and artist George Deakin
Added: Thursday 8th March 2012, 4:23:20

Punts on the river Cam in Cambridge sketched in gouache and pen
Why not learn to paint in gouache rather than transparent watercolour? If you paint in oil as well, you will find gouache easy since it is basically an opaque medium. Dries quickly and you can draw or pastel over it. This is of punts on the river in Cambridge.
Added: Monday 5th March 2012, 5:21:23

Cold snow and warm branches painted in oil pastel plein air at Fen Drayton
This was started on location late one afternoon in the snow using oil paint on gessoed board. When dry it was further developed in the studio using oil pastels
Added: Friday 24th February 2012, 7:03:47

Pastel drawing at sunset on the lake at Denny Abbey
The urge to use draw with pastels on location descending on me yesterday, and this is the result, on a lake location at Denny Abbey near Cambridge UK, and the sun setting.
Added: Monday 20th February 2012, 8:51:49

Winter watercolour at Fen Drayton Lakes bird reserve
Winter in late January, this quick watercolour at Fen Drayton lakes emphasises the warm colouring on the trees with the low afternoon sun coming from behind. The scene looks warm, but in reality is was a cold day.
Added: Tuesday 7th February 2012, 4:49:42

John Busby inspired bird sketches with brush and black ink
Another large page of quick bird sketches drawing with brushes dipped in black ink, and using a john busby bird illustration book for inspiration
Added: Friday 27th January 2012, 3:39:00

Birds sketched in brush and acrylic ink on paper
These are practice bird sketches done on a large sheet of newsprint with a chinese brush and acrylic ink
Added: Wednesday 25th January 2012, 9:07:11

Stormy beach at Happisburgh painted with oil bars
This started as an oil sketch on location at Happisburgh, but developed into a more vigorous treatment of the subject using oil bars
Added: Thursday 12th January 2012, 17:12:53

Pine trees painted in oil in Elvedon Forest discovered whilst out cycling
I can carry all I need to paint in oils even if I'm on a bike. This is a pochade painting of pine trees while out cycling in Elevedon Forest, East of England in the UK
Added: Tuesday 3rd January 2012, 5:45:05

Cafe Rouge - digital sketch started in pen and spirit markers
Pen and marker sketch started in Cafe Rouge, Center Parcs,photographed, and colour added digitally in Photoshop to finish
Added: Saturday 31st December 2011, 5:03:51


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