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Pastel drawing at Pipers Wharf on the River Thames - London
This is a small pastel study of boats and workshops at low tide on the river Thames near Greenwich in London at Pipers Wharf
Added: Saturday 4th February 2012, 17:16:25

Boats and willows down by the river in Horningsea - crayon and pastels
A crayon and pastels sketch of river boats, on a late January afternoon down by the river at Horningsea near Cambridge UK
Added: Monday 23rd January 2012, 14:59:52

Mixed media sketch of cottages in Horningsea - Cambridge UK
A variety of mediums were used to do this sketch of cottages in Horningsea near Cambridge
Added: Monday 23rd January 2012, 5:16:04

Mist and sun at Wheal Coates tin mine in Cornwall - pen and pastel
A chilly mist swept up off the sea at Wheal Coates tin mine in Cornwall when I took the reference photograph from which this was painted in pastel and pen
Added: Saturday 21st January 2012, 10:19:13

The Music lesson by Vermeer - sketch at the Fitzwilliam museum
I did this sketch in front of one of Vermeer's most famous paintings, "The Music Lesson". There was a big crowd - but nobody else with a sketchbook!
Added: Thursday 17th November 2011, 6:27:07

Oil and oil pastels painting at Brancaster Staithe Norfolk UK
This started off as a small oil painting, but it was finished off with oil pastels in the studio. Evening light at Brancaster Staithe
Added: Sunday 23rd October 2011, 13:21:54

Road spray sketching with soft pastel
A memory sketch in pastel of road spray in a rainstorm
Added: Friday 5th August 2011, 6:33:36

Mixed media painting in watercolour and pastels in the Fens near Ely
This painting, done plein air, was mixed media first with washes of watercolour, and when they were dry, overlaid with soft pastels. But some of the watercolour painting still shows through
Added: Saturday 16th April 2011, 6:29:33

Fairhaven Singers practice Queens' College Chapel, Cambridge -3
This is the third of the pastels I sketched at a recent choir practice. I sketched this pastel from the organ loft, looking down on the choir stalls. A heavenly sound wafted up to me as they started to sing......
Added: Wednesday 9th March 2011, 3:20:18

Fairhaven Singers practice Queens' College Chapel, Cambridge - 2
The second pastel and chalk drawing I did at the practice of the Fairhaven Singers last week, including a sample of their sound at the practice
Added: Saturday 26th February 2011, 6:37:56

Pastel drawing of Choir practice in Queens' College Chapel - 1
This is a pastel and conte crayon sketch of Fairhaven Choir practising for their forthcoming concert, in Queens College Chapel, Cambridge
Added: Thursday 24th February 2011, 5:36:39


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