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Pencil sketch of boats at Pipers Wharf on the river Thames in London
Continuing my walk along the river Thames, this is my next pencil sketch, at Pipers wharf, and London and features large boats now used as workshops and shipwrights yards
Added: Saturday 24th December 2011, 17:44:16

Pencil sketch of the Trafalgar Tavern at Greenwich in London
This pencil sketch is about ten minutes walk further along the Thames near Greenwich on what's called the Jubilee Walk. This is a pub called the Trafalgar Tavern
Added: Wednesday 21st December 2011, 17:02:01

Pencil sketch at Greenwich Maritime Museum London
Birthday treat - walking and sketching along the Thames in London. Cold but still a good time. Downstream of the Pool of London it is still quite scruffy, but interesting. This sketch is at Greenwich Maritime Museum.
Added: Wednesday 21st December 2011, 12:01:57

Wet-in-wet watercolour sunset of Putney Embankment in London
This view from Putney Bridge in London is a watercolour that makes much use of the wet-in-wet technique. The painting was started in location as the sun was setting over the Thames, and completed much later in the studio. It's a commission which will be framed and presented to the client in time for Christmas.
Added: Sunday 4th December 2011, 10:48:09

Painting central London in watercolour from Waterloo Bridge
This is a large watercolour painting looking towards Blackfriars bridge in central London viewed from Waterloo Bridge
Added: Friday 2nd December 2011, 17:58:24

The Boat Race starts from Putney Bridge, where I painted from last Monday
I was painting from Putney Bridge only on Monday (see yesterday's blog), and there it was live on the TV this afternoon. The wrong boat won though.....
Added: Saturday 26th March 2011, 14:41:21

Watercolour painting of a sunset on Putney Bridge, London
This is a work in progress for a commission to paint the view from Putney bridge in London. When I arrived on location, after a dull day, the clouds cleared to give a beautiful spring sunset over the river Thames
Added: Saturday 26th March 2011, 6:38:46

Pen sketch at Spuntino, Soho, London
I had lunch at this new Manhattan-style snack bar on Monday with my wife and son, who works locally. I sketched in pen and ink while waiting for food to arrive.
Added: Thursday 24th March 2011, 5:45:45

Oil painting of Hammersmith Bridge, London
This is an oil painting I recently sold of Hammersmith Bridge on the River Thames in London
Added: Monday 14th March 2011, 10:36:30

Drawing at Eric Clapton - Steve Winwood concert, Wembley
I took my sketching gear into this rock concert and drew while enjoying the music. This was the resulting picture. 5"x8" using brush pen and grafic color sticks.
Added: Tuesday 1st March 2011, 4:44:31


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