Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Pen and crayon sketch in Place de Lt Albert Rouen
Rouen is a painter's paradise if you like all things old architecture. Strong lighting made for strong contrasts in this sketch in pane and crayon.
Added: Friday 28th October 2011, 8:45:11

Castle walls at Domfront Normandy sketched in pen and crayon
This is a fantastic viewpoint in the fortress town of Domfront in Normandy, France. The purpose here was to think about light and dark shading (values) for later use in conjunction with reference photographs
Added: Thursday 29th September 2011, 5:59:50

Sketch of Upware Fen using Letraset Spirit markers
A sketch using spirit markers and fine black pen at Upware Fen just a few yards from yesterday's post.
Added: Tuesday 30th August 2011, 13:29:19

Digital sketch at Great Dixter garden
I used my Android tablet - an Asus Transformer - and Sketchbook Pro with a stylus pen to do this digital sketch in the famous gardens of Great Dixter in East Sussex, UK
Added: Tuesday 2nd August 2011, 17:00:39

View of Falmouth estuary from Lamorran House Garden, painted in oil
Painted in oil on board from the shelter of an old gazebo in the garden of Lamorran House, the weather and light over the Falmouth Estuary was constantly changing. Sometimes disappearing into rain and mist, then re-appearing in sunlight from the low clouds
Added: Friday 15th July 2011, 18:28:09

Meadow flowers blown by the wind painted in oil
This oil painting of meadow flowers blown by the wind is now complete. I started it three weeks ago and will shortly be part of a video to be found under the "Getting out there" tab.
Added: Saturday 25th June 2011, 3:45:27

Pochade oil sketch at specialist flower garden nursery
An oil sketch on 10"x12" board in a specialist flower garden nursery near the village of Pidley in Cambridgeshire
Added: Sunday 5th June 2011, 10:28:47

Oil painting of tree in Fen landscape Long Drove Cambridgeshire
Trees in the flat fens of Cambridgeshire make dramatic subjects. This oil painting contrasts a tall tree against the fields of Long Drove, Cambridgeshire
Added: Thursday 12th May 2011, 10:06:41

Pears - a small still life oil sketch
Three pears on a table; a sketch in oils on board 5"x7" A simple, slightly abstract composition looking down on the fruit from above.
Added: Thursday 21st April 2011, 6:35:29

Pen sketch in Kings Street Norwich on the eve of my daughter's wedding
I have a simple formula for quick sketching. A small Moleskine notebook so the sketch is always going to be small. In this case 3"x5". A rollerball type pen, and a water soluble monochrome crayon for shading. I did this in around ten minutes.
Added: Tuesday 12th April 2011, 2:41:44

Snow failure
Sometimes I get so enthusiastic and rush out to paint. Like when it snows - which on the whole we don't get a lot of here in Cambridge. I was cold before I even got started on this small oil painting on board using my french easel. But it didn't work out as well as I had hoped
Added: Tuesday 15th March 2011, 17:16:39

Sunset at Haslingfield
A small watercolour painted on location near the village of Haslingfield which is not far from Cambridge, as the sun went down.
Added: Wednesday 9th March 2011, 14:18:06


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