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Watercolour painted on holiday at Bagnoles-de-L'Orne Normandy France
Painted in watercolour at Bagnoles-de-L'Orne in the Normandy "Swiss Alpes", the river Orne flows through this little resort replete with casino and boating lake. I sat on the grass next to the lake to complete this little study.
Added: Saturday 1st October 2011, 18:03:45

Watercolour painted at the table waiting for lunch - Pont d'Ouilly Normandy France
A small watercolour painted at a table outside a french bistro at lunchtime. This was in Swiss Normandy as its called, and the very typical village street scene with road signs all contributed to making an enjoyable painting experience.
Added: Tuesday 27th September 2011, 5:44:41

My old watercolor paint box
It's time to bin my old watercolor paint box. It's nearly 30 years old and is falling apart. Being made of "japanned" metal, it was expensive, but wow, it has lasted. An excellent investment.
Added: Thursday 25th August 2011, 15:45:06

A nice surprise - selling a watercolour of a cricket match in Nassington
I sold this small watercolour of a cricket match in the village of Nassington just yesterday, although I painted it in 2007. The purchaser discovered it on my old website and e-mailed me about it.
Added: Wednesday 24th August 2011, 11:29:27

Is it worth paying for premium brand oil paint
Having recently bought a tube of Vasari oil paint, I am asking myself whether it was worth paying extra for a premium brand
Added: Saturday 20th August 2011, 5:28:06

Sketch with watercolour pencils - cream tea at Sawtry
My wife and I cycled past this delightful garden serving cream teas in Sawtry. While we indulged with scones and tea, I sketched the scene with watercolour pencils and pen.
Added: Tuesday 16th August 2011, 9:26:35

Sketching with watercolour pencils on a cycle ride
This sketch was done using Derwent Aquatone pencils. They are solid watercolour pigment with some kind of binder makes them surprisingly resistant to breaking
Added: Monday 15th August 2011, 6:15:31

Zennor village, Cornwall, UK painted in watercolor and gouache
One of a number of small sketches I did recently when staying on the North coast of Cornwall. This one is 6" x 8"; initially in pure watercolor and then overlaid with gouache.
Added: Wednesday 20th July 2011, 12:27:08

Watercolor painting of the walled garden at Scampston Yorkshire
This watercolor painting is on rough watercolor paper 13"x19". Begun on location at Scampston Walled formal garden, it was completed in the studio.
Added: Saturday 2nd July 2011, 4:26:46

Quinces at Peckover House, in watercolor
A small water colour, 6"x9", of quinces growing in the garden of Peckover House. Opposite Peckover House is the early home of Oactavia Hill, the originator of the "Green Belt" idea, co-founder of the National Trust and pioneer of social housing in the UK
Added: Saturday 18th June 2011, 6:30:18

Clippesby Mill, Acle, The Broads, oil painting on board
Clippesby mill on the Norfolk Broads is derelict, but I know the owner, and he intends to fully restore it in due course. I started the oil painting as preparation for a commission which was executed in watercolor.
Added: Monday 6th June 2011, 2:35:36

Bristol Docks in watercolor
This watercolor painting of Bristol Docks must be one of the earliest I ever did - around 1983 I guess
Added: Sunday 22nd May 2011, 16:24:54

Watercolor sketching in Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire
Whilst waiting for my son to arrive from his coast to coast cycle ride, I found a sheltered spot on some steps in the centre of this charming fishing village and did some watercolor sketching to pass the time
Added: Wednesday 27th April 2011, 11:28:44

Small watercolour painting on the beach at Robin Hood's Bay
Like all these small watercolour paintings I am doing, this one is about 5"x8" This was done on the same weekend; all on our visit to the North East of England. Robin Hood's Bay is a charming - if very popular - fishing village on the East coast of England. The beach is always a good subject to paint - there are people, big skies and evocative sounds
Added: Tuesday 26th April 2011, 17:29:23

Watercolour of a ruined castle
We stopped for lunch on our way North, and I thought a painting in watercolour of this ruined castle would be the perfect contract to the regular modern curves of the cooling towers I had painted only a couple of hours beforehand
Added: Tuesday 26th April 2011, 17:15:03

Watercolour sketch of Eggborough power station cooling towers
On my way to the North of England last weekend, stopped for a break at Eggborough and did a watercolour sketch of the power station coolings towers
Added: Tuesday 26th April 2011, 17:03:56

Watercolour sketch in Lanzarotte
I can't remember anything about doing this watercolour sketch. All I remember is were on holiday in Lanzarotte - all my sketches are small and contained in one small sketchbook. Together they make a lovely memory, which I guess is one very good reason for doing them. Somehow they carry much more memory than photographs do, I find.
Added: Monday 4th April 2011, 3:24:19

Watercolour sketch of hibiscus flowers
In contrast to the oil paintings I am working on right now, here is a little watercolour sketch from a very old sketch book I re-discovered a few days ago - dating back more than 20 years, from a family holiday in Lanzarote if I remember.
Added: Sunday 3rd April 2011, 2:23:47

The Boat Race starts from Putney Bridge, where I painted from last Monday
I was painting from Putney Bridge only on Monday (see yesterday's blog), and there it was live on the TV this afternoon. The wrong boat won though.....
Added: Saturday 26th March 2011, 14:41:21

Watercolour painting of a sunset on Putney Bridge, London
This is a work in progress for a commission to paint the view from Putney bridge in London. When I arrived on location, after a dull day, the clouds cleared to give a beautiful spring sunset over the river Thames
Added: Saturday 26th March 2011, 6:38:46


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