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Summer tour sketch 4 - walking in Mickledon, Great Langdale
A quick pencil sketch done while walking through the valley of Mickledon at the head of Great Langdale in the English Lake District
Added: Monday 12th August 2013, 0:52:41

Summer tour sketch 2 - Blea Tarn
A sketch from Blea Tarn in the Lake District, and a map of my travels for this painting tour
Added: Friday 2nd August 2013, 2:42:02

Summer tour sketch 1 - Great Langdale, Lake District
The first of a series of plein air sketches and paintings around the UK - this one in the remote valley of Great Langdale in the Lake District of the UK
Added: Thursday 1st August 2013, 1:26:27

Steam winch sketch in hard pastels
Ths is a pastel sketch done on location, standing up to paint with my pad resting on a fence
Added: Thursday 13th June 2013, 17:29:30

Rowers in Cambridge sketched in pastels
The river in Cambridge is always a good source of interest and activity for sketching.
Added: Thursday 6th June 2013, 2:47:44

Norwich - the prison, sketched in pastels
A small, quick pastels sketch of Norwich prison, UK
Added: Friday 31st May 2013, 15:54:17

Rome - Porta del Popolo
The final pastels sketch from Noel Garner's recent painting visit to Rome, in the Piazza del Popolo
Added: Wednesday 29th May 2013, 16:20:16

Rome - outside Basilica San Clemente, in pastels
Sketched in pastels whilst waiting for coffee to arrive. The basilica San Clemente is one of the oldest in Rome - which is saying something.
Added: Monday 27th May 2013, 4:05:25

Rome - interior of Santa Maria del Populo
A small sketch done inside the church of Santa Maria del Populo in Rome, in pastels and ink
Added: Thursday 23rd May 2013, 17:21:55

Rome - the temple of Portunus sketched with an ink pen
A quick sketch of the temple of Portunus in Rome done with an ink fineliner and black brushpen.
Added: Tuesday 21st May 2013, 1:52:24

Rome - pastels sketch in the rain in Trastevere
A pen and pastels sketch on location in the Trastevere area of Rome
Added: Sunday 19th May 2013, 16:07:06

Rome - pastels sketch in Trastevere
A small pastels and ink brush sketch done in the Trastevere area of Rome
Added: Saturday 18th May 2013, 9:42:14

The view from Castle Hill, Breamore, New Forest, sketched in pastels
This is a view over the river Avon at Castle Hill near Breamore in the New Forest, UK. Sketched quickly using hard pastels
Added: Saturday 13th April 2013, 3:39:14

Breamore Hall in charcoal and pastels
Breamore Hall in the New Forest which is an imposing Elizabethan House which is drawn here in pastels and charcoal pencil
Added: Thursday 11th April 2013, 15:48:31

Pastel painting in a cowshed
In which Noel Garner comes close to being run over by a cow but manages to do a quick pastel sketch.
Added: Sunday 31st March 2013, 6:48:34

Green Park Railway Station, Bath, UK, in pastels
On a cold and rainy day it was good to be under cover and I painted this bustling market scene in pastels in the old Green Park Station in Bath
Added: Saturday 30th March 2013, 6:37:39

Last light at the Nature Reserve, in pastels
A pastels sketch done this afternoon as the light was fading at the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) HQ at Sandy Lodge in Bedfordshire
Added: Tuesday 1st January 2013, 16:41:11

Evening view in the Cotswolds, painted in pastels
An eerie, cold, stillness pervaded this view in the Cotswolds and this small study in pastels was finished in fading light
Added: Wednesday 28th November 2012, 1:49:24

Mop Fair Tewkesbury sketched in pastels
Fast pastels sketch in vibrant colours on the first night of the annual "mop Fair" in Tewkesbury
Added: Monday 26th November 2012, 17:04:49

Sunrise at the Watchtower, Porto Badisco, Puglia, Itlay - pastel sketch
This pastel sketch at Porto Badisco was done early the next morning after yesterday's blog post
Added: Monday 12th November 2012, 17:45:16


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