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Pastel sketch at Pondersbridge with strange evening sky
A summer evening sky in the Fens of East Anglia is something to relish, and here I wanted to portray in pastels the softness and quietness of this evening sky
Added: Friday 10th August 2012, 7:33:27

Pastel sketch of barges tied up to the river bank in Cambridge
A quick pastel sketch done in Cambridge UK while out on a bike ride
Added: Monday 18th June 2012, 1:00:32

Sketch in pastel at St Catherine Dock, London
The second quick sketch of two done in pastel late afternoon at St Catherine Dock in London
Added: Saturday 19th May 2012, 2:55:50

Pastel sketch from under Tower Bridge in London
A small pastel sketch done in around 10 minutes looking upstream along the Thames from under Tower Bridge
Added: Wednesday 16th May 2012, 7:09:39

Pastel sketch in Schoonhoven, Holland
A small pastel sketch on buff paper in The Haven, Schoonhoven, Holland
Added: Tuesday 15th May 2012, 4:07:30

Painting pastels in Holland near the town of Woerden
A glimpse of water, a boat, and cow reflections was enough to make me stop the car, in this pastels painting in Holland
Added: Sunday 13th May 2012, 3:08:13

Oil study at Katwijk beach South Holland while painting with Roos Schuring
This was done while painting on the beach at Katwijk aan Zee, Holland, with Dutch painter Roos Schuring
Added: Saturday 12th May 2012, 4:36:05

Pochade box painting in oils at Hampton Court Ferry, London
Painted on location at Hampton Court Ferry in oils, using my pochade box, this was one of two paintings I executed on one sheet of gessoed board
Added: Thursday 3rd May 2012, 8:01:10

Plein air in oils at Hampton Court Bridge, London
Painted on location at Hampton Court Bridge in oils, using my pochade box, this was one of two paintings I executed on one sheet of gessoed board
Added: Thursday 3rd May 2012, 7:57:00

Plein air oil pochade painting of Canary Wharf from Bermondsey, London
Early afternoon on the Thames in London looking towards Canary Wharf. This is a small oil pochade painting done plein air on location
Added: Friday 27th April 2012, 17:30:56

Plein air oil pochade painting of Tower Bridge from the Pool of London
The rain was driving in towards me as I painted plein air looking towards Tower Bridge downstream on the Thames in Bermondsey
Added: Friday 27th April 2012, 9:29:16

Sketch in pen and crayon of Nelson's column in central London
Still raining, this sketch is a bit closer to Trafalgar Square in London and shows Nelson's column in the background and the portico to St. Martin in the Fields to the left.
Added: Wednesday 25th April 2012, 9:17:16

Painting with oils in pouring rain - plein air near Kew Bridge London
I think I have determined the absolute limit on painting with oils in the rain. Take a look at this plein air effort near Kew Bridge on the River Thames in London.
Added: Friday 20th April 2012, 3:36:35

Pastel painting at Canal Road - Thrupp Oxfordshire
An afternoon pastel painting of the canal basin at Thrupp near Oxford
Added: Saturday 14th April 2012, 8:46:19

Punts on the river Cam in Cambridge drawn with pastels
A drawing of punts using soft pastels. On the first day of summer time the river Cam, which runs through the centre of Cambridge, is alive with tourists and the punts are busy.
Added: Tuesday 27th March 2012, 12:22:21

Digital painting of the Royal Victoria Dock, London
Using an Android tablet and digital software, this view of Royal Victoria Dock is a "painting" done on location at the Royal Victoria Dock, London
Added: Friday 23rd March 2012, 4:04:16

Buckingham Palace London painted in pastels
The sun was setting as I drew Buckingham Palace with soft pastels.
Added: Thursday 15th March 2012, 19:41:47

Punts on the river Cam in Cambridge sketched in gouache and pen
Why not learn to paint in gouache rather than transparent watercolour? If you paint in oil as well, you will find gouache easy since it is basically an opaque medium. Dries quickly and you can draw or pastel over it. This is of punts on the river in Cambridge.
Added: Monday 5th March 2012, 5:21:23

Plein air oil painting using a pochade box at St Johns College Cambridge
The last of the paintings done with other artists from the Plein Air Society in late February 2012 in Cambridge. Started on location but completed in the studio.
Added: Sunday 4th March 2012, 8:54:14

Pastel drawing at sunset on the lake at Denny Abbey
The urge to use draw with pastels on location descending on me yesterday, and this is the result, on a lake location at Denny Abbey near Cambridge UK, and the sun setting.
Added: Monday 20th February 2012, 8:51:49


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