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Pen drawing of sparrows on a garden feeder
This pen drawing of sparrows was done through binoculars mounted on a tripod.
Added: Thursday 9th February 2012, 2:23:37

Bird sketches in brush and black ink
More fast ink sketches of birds - no more than a minute on each one
Added: Thursday 2nd February 2012, 2:54:19

BlueTit and Great Tit sketched from the kitchen window through binoculars
A blue tit and a great tit sketched in ink and colored pencils through binoculars on a tripod
Added: Monday 30th January 2012, 4:12:00

Birds sketched in brush and acrylic ink on paper
These are practice bird sketches done on a large sheet of newsprint with a chinese brush and acrylic ink
Added: Wednesday 25th January 2012, 9:07:11

Small pen drawing in a concert by the Fairhaven Singers in St Johns College Cambridge
This was a while ago now. I posted the charcoal sketches I did in the Fairhaven Singers practice earlier in the day, but this is the pen and crayon sketch I did in my Moleskine sketchbook during the concert on the same evening in St. Johns College Cambridge. 3"x5"
Added: Friday 15th April 2011, 11:02:11

Sketch at Premier Inn Norwich on the banks of the River Wensum
This was a ten minute sketch using pen and crayon at the Premier Inn by the River Wensum which flows gently through the centre of historic Norwich at this point. I just had my Moleskine drawing pad with me over the weekend of my daughter's wedding. Dimension 3"x5"
Added: Monday 11th April 2011, 9:27:36

Pen sketch at Spuntino, Soho, London
I had lunch at this new Manhattan-style snack bar on Monday with my wife and son, who works locally. I sketched in pen and ink while waiting for food to arrive.
Added: Thursday 24th March 2011, 5:45:45


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