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Northamptonshire landscape, painted with pastels
Northamptonshire is an English county that is easily overlooked, but it is a gentle landscape which translates well, I think, into pastsls
Added: Tuesday 25th September 2012, 14:14:55

Cows in the meadow at Canons Ashby painted with pastels
Painted early in the morning at Canons Ashby, using soft pastels, the cows each day would begin grazing on the higher pasture by the house, and slowly work their way down to the lakes during the day.
Added: Tuesday 18th September 2012, 1:18:20

Early morning, Canons Ashby garden painted in pastels
This was painted early in the morning at Canons Ashby, using pastels and looking towards the light
Added: Thursday 13th September 2012, 17:39:21

St Clement Cornwall - a pochade study in oil
This is one of only a few oil studies I did when in Cornwall this year. But St. Clement on the Tresillian river is a lovely warm sheltered spot to paint boats and trees.
Added: Thursday 30th August 2012, 17:40:59

Somerset landscape painted in pastels
A cloudy and wet sky gave way to a broken sky in this Somerset landscape. Shafts of sunlight lit up the fields in the middle distance.
Added: Monday 20th August 2012, 21:48:15

Sketches from the Niger Delta 9 - the back path through Enekorogha - pastel
The is last pastel I painted in Enekorogha, a remote village in the Niger Delta in Nigeria. The last rain of the day had passed and this was the calm evening scene an hour before nightfall
Added: Friday 17th August 2012, 23:36:22

Sketches from the Niger Delta 5 - pastel in the monsoon season at Enekorogha
After a monsoon storm this was the view I painted in pastel looking toward the river in Enekorogha, Niger Delta
Added: Saturday 11th August 2012, 10:07:10

Sketches from the Niger Delta 2 - charcoal on paper - football
This charcoal sketch shows a bunch of lads playing football by the river in Enekorogha in the Niger Delta
Added: Monday 6th August 2012, 15:30:55

Pastel painting of wildflowers on a Breckland Heath
A plein air pastel painting 13"x19" of wildflowers in a Breckland part of Norfolk, UK
Added: Wednesday 11th July 2012, 8:04:59

The Mill Bridge at Duddington - a plein air pastel
A pastel painting of the bridge at Duddington, Northamptonshire, UK , partly painted plein air, and finished in the studio
Added: Thursday 28th June 2012, 22:38:55

Pastel painting of a marsh harrier at Little Wilbraham Fen, Cambridge
A small painting in soft and hard pastels of a low-lying fenland scene near Cambridge with a marsh harrier soaring in the distance
Added: Saturday 23rd June 2012, 19:36:10

Pastel sketch of barges tied up to the river bank in Cambridge
A quick pastel sketch done in Cambridge UK while out on a bike ride
Added: Monday 18th June 2012, 1:00:32

Early morning tee-off painted in pastels
There's a breed of golfer who is raring to go early in the morning when the air is cool and the light is bright. This is a bunch of golfers on a tee-off at 7.30 am, painted in pastels
Added: Sunday 10th June 2012, 17:04:27

In the forest - a small pastel painting
A small pastel painted during a bike ride through a local forest using my travelling pastel kit.
Added: Wednesday 6th June 2012, 13:52:02

Putney Heath Bus Station painted in pastels
A view painted in pastels of the buses at Putney viewed through the trees on the Heath in morning sunlight.
Added: Sunday 27th May 2012, 16:40:52

Buckingham Palace in pastels from the Mall in London
Strong sunlight filtered through the London Plane trees on the Mall provided a great setting for painting Buckingham Palace in pastels
Added: Sunday 27th May 2012, 4:03:42

Buckingham Palace from the garden sketched in pencil and crayon
This is the first of two sketches I did from the the garden of Buckingham Palace at the garden party last Tuesday
Added: Thursday 24th May 2012, 17:42:38

Painting pastels in Holland near the town of Woerden
A glimpse of water, a boat, and cow reflections was enough to make me stop the car, in this pastels painting in Holland
Added: Sunday 13th May 2012, 3:08:13

Strand on the Green, London - pen and neocolor pencil
Sketched in pen a neocolor pencil outside the Bull's Head pub on the banks of the River Thames in London
Added: Wednesday 18th April 2012, 17:07:01

Pastel painting at Canal Road - Thrupp Oxfordshire
An afternoon pastel painting of the canal basin at Thrupp near Oxford
Added: Saturday 14th April 2012, 8:46:19


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