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Pastel drawing of Kings College Chapel Cambridge with cherry blossom
This pastel drawing in bright spring afternoon sun features cherry blossom with King's College Chapel, Cambridge in the background
Added: Wednesday 28th March 2012, 3:08:23

Pastel drawing in the square at Somerset House, London
Whilst we sat at a table inside the square of Somerset House, enjoying the sun and a glass of wine, there was an opportunity to do a small pastel drawing
Added: Sunday 25th March 2012, 16:23:17

Pair of Collared doves sketched with spirit markers and pens
It's that time of the year - the birds are all getting ready to nest. Lots of cooing and billing in the garden. These two collared doves are pretty well made up with each other. I sketched them with spirit markers and felt tip pens
Added: Monday 19th March 2012, 14:46:07

Waterloo Place London painted with pastels
Sitting opposite the column at Waterloo Place I painted a small sketch with soft pastels
Added: Tuesday 13th March 2012, 7:31:11

Punts on the river Cam in Cambridge sketched in gouache and pen
Why not learn to paint in gouache rather than transparent watercolour? If you paint in oil as well, you will find gouache easy since it is basically an opaque medium. Dries quickly and you can draw or pastel over it. This is of punts on the river in Cambridge.
Added: Monday 5th March 2012, 5:21:23

Pencil sketch of alder tree in St Catherine's Valley near Bath UK
Quick pencil sketch in St Catherine's valley near Bath
Added: Wednesday 22nd February 2012, 4:55:44

Sketches of gulls at Cambridge rubbish dump
You can sketch pretty much anywhere! Cambridge City rubbish dump doesn't hold many attractions for the artist - unless of course you want to sketch gulls and other birds. I had thousands to choose from here.
Added: Saturday 18th February 2012, 15:24:04

A sketch in the midday sun of farm buildings from the ramparts of Domfront castle in Normandy France
This sketch in ink and crayon was all about taking advantage of a high viewpoint, looking down on the countryside surrounding the ruins of Domfront castle in Normandy, France. The slightly unusual angle made for an interesting sketch as I leaned over one of the walls in the midday sun to sketch the view below.
Added: Friday 30th September 2011, 16:33:34

Carrouges Chateau in Normandy - a sketch in pen and crayon
A small, quick, sketch in pen and crayon of the gatehouse of Carrouges Chateau in Normandy, France, drawn when I was on a recent painting holidday.
Added: Monday 26th September 2011, 4:35:16

Pen sketch in Kings Street Norwich on the eve of my daughter's wedding
I have a simple formula for quick sketching. A small Moleskine notebook so the sketch is always going to be small. In this case 3"x5". A rollerball type pen, and a water soluble monochrome crayon for shading. I did this in around ten minutes.
Added: Tuesday 12th April 2011, 2:41:44


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