Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Cows in the meadow at Canons Ashby painted with pastels
Painted early in the morning at Canons Ashby, using soft pastels, the cows each day would begin grazing on the higher pasture by the house, and slowly work their way down to the lakes during the day.
Added: Tuesday 18th September 2012, 1:18:20

Nocturne in pastels - the new pond
For this nocturne I sat outside looking in on the party with a strong composition formed by the reflections in the pond. Done with soft pastels
Added: Sunday 9th September 2012, 7:21:42

Wedding reception at the tithe barn painted in pastels
A large pastel done as a present for my nephew at his recent wedding.
Added: Tuesday 4th September 2012, 6:01:25

St Ives from Hayle Cornwall - painted in pastels
A distant view of St. Ives, Cornwall, painted in pastels from across the estuary at Hayle. Brilliant light and a stiff breeze blowing
Added: Monday 3rd September 2012, 15:09:14

Charlestown, Cornwall, painting in pastel
Charleston, Cornwall is an old harbour from which China clay was exported all over the world. This pastel was painted from a high viewpoint looking over the old sailing ships
Added: Sunday 2nd September 2012, 17:46:29

Low tide at Mevagissey harbour in Cornwall - pastel painting
Mevagissey is a bustling little fishing village in Cornwall, and I painted this pastel into the sun as the low tide was turning
Added: Wednesday 22nd August 2012, 23:07:51

Monocrome sketch before the London Marathon at Putney station
Continuing choice of medium for yesterday's blog, here again this sketch at Putney station in London is on grey paper using line, white grey and black neocolour pastels
Added: Tuesday 1st May 2012, 17:47:00

Sketch of the Royal Courts of Justice in London
This was sketched from outside the Twinings tea shop while the people I was with did a spot of shopping for tea. I stood outside to sketch the Royal Courts of Justice.
Added: Wednesday 4th April 2012, 15:46:36

Kings Parade Cambridge painted with pastels
Standing right outside the gates of King's College Cambridge, this is the view looking along Kings Parade, painted in soft pastels
Added: Thursday 29th March 2012, 15:40:14

Punts on the river Cam in Cambridge drawn with pastels
A drawing of punts using soft pastels. On the first day of summer time the river Cam, which runs through the centre of Cambridge, is alive with tourists and the punts are busy.
Added: Tuesday 27th March 2012, 12:22:21

Oil study of the river in Cambridge in the snow
Today was the first snow of the winter in Cambridge and I couldn't wait to get out and paint. This is one of two small oil studies done from Elizabeth Way bridge overlooking the river Cam. The dull sky and lots of dark figures had something of Lowry about it.
Added: Sunday 5th February 2012, 15:17:46

Mist and sun at Wheal Coates tin mine in Cornwall - pen and pastel
A chilly mist swept up off the sea at Wheal Coates tin mine in Cornwall when I took the reference photograph from which this was painted in pastel and pen
Added: Saturday 21st January 2012, 10:19:13

For us a Child is Born - Christmas greetings from Cambridge Art Academy
This abstract painting "For us a Child is Born" in oil pastels comes with Christmas greetings from Cambridge Art Academy
Added: Thursday 22nd December 2011, 11:24:47

Sketch at meeting of artists in Cambridge Internet cafe
This sketch shows the view of the room upstairs where we were sketching a couple of jazz musicians
Added: Tuesday 13th December 2011, 8:14:45

Sketch of a Vermeer painting on show at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
This is one of four sketches I did of Vermeer's paintings on show in a very crowded gallery at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.
Added: Saturday 26th November 2011, 7:44:00

Dying rose painted in fifteen minutes using water mixable oil paint
A demonstration of a flower painting of a dying rose using water mixable oil paint. It shows the "cutting in" technique to produce an impressionistic effect with hard and soft edges. The total time to produce this was fifteen minutes.
Added: Monday 21st November 2011, 3:33:46

Clematis and rose flowers in the garden - painted in oil
A painting of flowers - clematis and roses - in the garden. This oil was started in May but not finished until late November. Somehow it got lost in the studio. But the roses were still in flower
Added: Saturday 19th November 2011, 3:30:53

The Music lesson by Vermeer - sketch at the Fitzwilliam museum
I did this sketch in front of one of Vermeer's most famous paintings, "The Music Lesson". There was a big crowd - but nobody else with a sketchbook!
Added: Thursday 17th November 2011, 6:27:07

Sketching session at Welney bird and wildlife Reserve in Cambridgeshire
Most of this day at Welney bird Reserve was spend in lectures, but I had time to get a few very short sketches done at the lunch break.
Added: Thursday 3rd November 2011, 10:32:12

River Thames at Tadpole Bridge Oxfordshire painted in oil
A painting in oil on board at Tadpole Bridge near Oxford, Oxfordshire.The River Thames is about sixty miles above London at this point. 10"x10"
Added: Monday 31st October 2011, 17:17:53


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